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Granddaughter Nieuwe Olympiade winning 1. National Liberec at Ferenc Pinter – Gyal (Hungary)

The national Hungarian liberation in Liberec, a town in the north of Czech Republic, took place July 24th early morning 05.45 hrs. in which 2,105 pigeons were released. With a strong wind on the nose and high temperatures the pigeons flew in south west direction towards Hungary and in the convoy also the chequer hen HU-2020-D-532115 which was entered by Ferenc Pinter from Gyal, a small place in the outskirts of Budapest.

1. National Liberec against 2,105 pigeons
The pigeons had to fight and concur the difficult weather conditions so the race became a true selection in which only the best pigeons could win. The winning pigeon was clocked at 12.33.43 hrs. after flying 486 km. The speed for the National winner HU20-D-532115 was 1,189 m.p.m. and this was sufficient to beat all pigeons in this National race in Hungary.

The HU20-D-532115 was bred from "Lady Olympiade", NL15-1897858NL15-1897858, a direct daughter of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" which Ferenc bought at the Eijerkamp lofts in October 2015 when she just was 6 weeks of age. The mother for the "Lady Olympiade" is Carmen"Carmen", a pure Eijerkamp-Janssen who also is mother to the super hen Honda"Honda". Honda"Honda" was a top racing hen before she went into the breeding lofts in which she bred a.o. "Luka Modric", who became 1st National Ace pigeon with the Young birds in 4 competitions in 2018. Father to this hen as said is the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" who is now already living legend as the descendants just performing outstanding worldwide. The father of the National winner was another Dutch pigeon which Zsolt got from Huub Hermans.

"Lady Olympiade", mother of the 1st National Liberec in 2021
Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" a living legend in breeding!
This cock was bought 2013 for, at that time a staggering amount of EUR 210,000. – and he became a true breeding ace as the descendants keep winning and winning in as well club races as well OLR races. Recently, September 2021, Leo Heremans came to handle and see his favorite again and he still was impressed by the quality of this super crack. Even when he is getting older and having an internal tumor, he still produced 3 youngsters in the 2021 season. The legacy of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" will continue at the Eijerkamp lofts as Hans and Evert-Jan treasure this line into the future.