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Dirk de Greef - Lienden, 2. Prov. Ace pigeon One-Day Long Distance with grandson Olympic Hans

Dirk de Greef - Lienden, 2. Prov. Ace pigeon One-Day Long Distance with grandson Olympic Hans

Achieving noticeable results in 2021 is one thing, but doing so with a small number of pigeons is a whole other game. Dirk de Greef from Lienden, a small place in the Betuwe managed to shine on the provincial and national level with a small colony of super pigeons based on top pigeons like Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" and Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans". Especially the descendants from Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans" made the 2021 season a glorious season from the beginning till the end for Dirk de Greef who is racing within Section 8.
2. Prov. Ace pigeon One-Day Long distance
The yearling cock NL20-1318799 proclaimed 2nd Provincial Ace pigeon One-Day long distance in Section 8 in the 2021 season. The NL20-799 is bred from "Maerten" NL18-1821678NL18-1821678, a direct son of Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans" x Ice Bucket"Ice Bucket". The NL20-1318799 became 2nd Provincial Ace with achieving following results on the 5 One-day long distance races in Section

  • 27. NPO Vierzon 3,993 pigeons 579 km
  • 198. NPO Salbris 4,671 pigeons 561 km
  • 204. NPO Chateauroux 3,304 pigeons 633 km
  • 263. NPO Chateaudun 5,269 pigeons 523 km
  • 323. NPO Issoudun 4,462 pigeons 610 km

"Maerten" also is grandfather to many more good pigeons including 3rd NPO Nanteuil against 5,043 pigeons (also 1st against 1,150 pigeons) in 2021

8. National Ace pigeon Allround WHZB / BOTB
Another super pigeon in the 2021 season is the blue hen "Gea", NL19-1449744, who became 8th National Ace pigeon Allround WHZB / BoTB in 2021 and "Gea" is bred from a grandson and granddaughter of Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans", the super cock who was proclaimed 1st Dutch Olympiade pigeon Cat. D Allround and who won 7 first prizes in the loft of the late Hans Boenders. In 2017 Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans" was transferred to the Eijerkamp lofts where he turned out to be an exceptional breeding cock.

Olympic Hans


"Olympic Hans" is winner of
1. Olympiad pigeon All-round Brussels 2017
3. Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance WHZB 2015
1. NPO Chateauroux     3,120 pigeons  709 km
1. Mons 1,847 pigeons 281 km
1. Peronne 683 pigeons 372 km
2. NPO Nanteuil 4,476 pigeons 448 km

"Olympic Hans" is (grand)father to a.o.
2. Nat. Ace Long-Distance WHZB 2018
2. Nat. Ace Middle Distance Young NPO 2019
1. Bierges 6,047 pigeons
1. Niergnies 2,781 pigeons
1. NPO Vierzon         3,993 pigeons
1. NPO Morlincourt       3,065 pigeons

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6. best fancier of the Netherlands WHZB / BoTB in 2021
In all disciplines within the pigeonsport Dirk achieved top results in the 2021 season which led him to become 6th Nat. Champion Best fancier of the Netherlands. A fantastic performance and certainly also a highlight in the career of Dirk de Greef. Some of the top pigeons and highlights we would like to introduce to you
NL15-1350494 "Marleen", daughter of Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans" x NL10-1274515NL10-1274515 "Dochter Super Rossi"
Who is super breeding hen and (grand)mother of

  • 1. Niergnies against 1,506 pigeons and fastest provincial against 7,245 pigeons
  • 3. NPO Nanteuil against 5,043 pigeons
  • 8. Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB / BoTB in 2021

Another top hen in the loft for Dirk is "Daphne" NL18-1703520, who became 1st Ace pigeon Regio in 2021 and 2nd Ace pigeon Regio in 2020. The best results for "Daphne" are:

  • 2. NPO Dizy le Gros 3,758 pigeons
  • 3. Nanteuil 561 pigeons
  • 4. St Job in "t Goor 3,069 pigeons
  • 5. Maastricht 589 pigeons
  • 70. Prov. Niergnies 10,645 pigeons

"Daphne" is granddaughter of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" bred from "Liv", NL15-1365062NL15-1365062, who is daughter for the legendary Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" paired to Summerset"Summerset".

Dirk de Greef has made some key investments and decisions. Proving what he is capable of, especially in the 2021 where his star racers highlighted his area and achieved superb performances which placed him within all championships as well provincial as National.