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The season at Eijerkamp and for many of us has yet to begin, but preparations are in full swing. Mid December the first breeding pairs will be put together. We will again, attempt to excel this coming season. One of the most important aspects of the sport for us here at Eijerkamp are the people behind the scenes, who made and will make sure, in the past and in the future that the pigeon sport, here for Team Eijerkamp, is practiced on a Champions League level. But, at Eijerkamp we don’t stand still as standing still is going backwards, thus the makeup of Team Eijerkamp will also change slightly.

Beginning in 2022 Arnold Paalman will race under the name Comb. Eijerkamp-Paalman at his home in Laren. Arnold is returning home after 2 very successful seasons in Hengevelde and will work together with the Eijerkamp family from 2022 onwards. The racers in Hengevelde have been sold and the breeders have all been transferred to the lofts of Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. So, in 2022 there will be a new beginning in Laren from which the combination Eijerkamp-Paalman will fly within the boundaries of Section 9.
Arnold is a young fanatical, driven fancier who in recent years has garnered a great deal of success and admiration with his magnificent victories and series. Hans and Evert-Jan know Arnold extremely well as Arnold has been the caretaker of the breeders at the Greenfield Stud for years and knows not only the breeders but, also the system and the Eijerkamp family very well.
This coming year, Esther Noorderijk will move to Greenfield Stud. She will replace Joke Geven, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Esther will look after of a section of young birds, which she will race on her own within the Eijerkamp system. She will also help both soigneurs, Kees v.d. Beek and Oliver Sabol, where necessary. Esther hardly needs an introduction, as many fanciers at home and abroad know Esther through her business Duivendirect (quarantine and importation of pigeons, looking after all the paperwork for auction sites as well as shipper/agent for One Loft Races). Esther has been very successful with her own youngsters in recent years, winning many Top 10 NPO rankings as well as other great results.

We are pleased with the newly strengthened and expanded Team Eijerkamp and are looking forward to the start of the upcoming season. We wish both Arnold and Esther much success here at the Greenfield Stud.

Celebrating the new partnership Eijerkamp – Paalman as from 2022; Hans and Hilma Eijerkamp with Arnold and Nienke Paalman.