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"Flush" is winner of
2. Nat. Ace Short-Middle distance PIPA 2021 
2. Niergnies 5,573 pigeons
3. Quievrain 1,774 pigeons
5. Bierges 2,271 pigeons
6. Prov. Morlincourt 8,695 pigeons
11. Prov. Melun 7,291 pigeons
12. Tienen            3,734 pigeons
13. Bierges 4,925 pigeons
26. Bierges 4,888 pigeons
29. Prov. Niergnies       10,065 pigeons
30. Chalons en Champagne   3,347 pigeons
36. Bierges 6,047 pigeons
43. Quievrain 6,209 pigeons
'Flush' is granddaughter 'Nieuwe Olympiade'

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Flush, 2. Nat. Ace pigeon short-middle distance PIPA 2021

The widowhood hen NL19-1411119NL19-1411119 "Flush" achieved a superb performance by winning 2nd National Ace pigeon Short-middle distance in the PIPA rankings in the 2021 season.
This hen, raced in the loft of loft-manager Kees v.d. Beek, could even had a better coefficient as from the race Chalons the clocking system in the section in which "Flush" raced was not working. In handling she is just the perfect pigeon and with superb genetics as she is granddaughter for the legendary Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade". While she now achieved this silver position, her racing career also is ending as she will be moved to the breeding lofts in Brummen.

2. National Ace pigeon short-middle distance PIPA in 2021
The best results for "Flush" in her racing career were;
2. Nat. Ace pigeon Short-Middle distance PIPA 2021

2. Niergnies            5,573 pigeons **
3. Quievrain            1,774 pigeons **
5. Bierges              2,271 pigeons **
6. Prov. Morlincourt    8,695 pigeons **
11. Prov. Melun         7,291 pigeons **
12. Tienen              3,734 pigeons  
13. Bierges             4,925 pigeons  
26. Bierges             4,888 pigeons  
29. Prov. Niergnies    10,065 pigeons  
30. Chalons             3,347 pigeons **
36. Bierges             6,047 pigeons **
36. Niergnies 2,317 pigeons **
43. Quievrain           6,209 pigeons  
45. NPO Sens            1,677 pigeons  
46. Chimay 5,807 pigeons **
56. Tienen 5,780 pigeons **

** = these were the 10 results competing for the National competition for the short and middle-distance races competing for the Pipa ranking.
"Flush", superb genetics in her pedigree
A mix from the very best for the Leo Heremans bloodlines crossed with the best from the Quievrain lines from Belgium.
Father: NL13-1804646NL13-1804646 "Herout", a proven breeding son of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" when paired to "Madame Dyon" who also is proven breedster and daughter for Dion"Dion", 5. Nat. Olympiade pigeon short -distance, and Kim"Kim".

"Herout" also is grandfather to many  top results  in as well club competition as in One Loft Races. He is a.o. grandfather to 1st Ace pigeon PIPR Pattaya OLR in Thailand in 2021.
MotherB12-4058360B12-4058360 "Black Beauty", a fantastic breeding hen who already bred the famous Golden Grizzle"Golden Grizzle", winner 7x 1st prize in the loft of Kees van de Beek who now again showed his skills with the hens as her daughter now proclaimed 2nd National Ace pigeon.
"She originates from true Belgian lines and comes out of the very best Quievrain lines." "Black Beauty" has an excellent performance record, having flown 36 prizes of which 9 were in the top 10 in the club. "We are going to cross these two hens with our super Heremans-Ceusters lines of Rossi"Rossi"Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade"Euro"Euro" and also on our "Silver Shadow dynasty". These were the words Evert Jan said in the winter for 2018 and see now that this indeed is golden combination.

Black Beauty


Mother of 'Golden Grizzle',
winner 8x 1st prize !!!
13. Nat. Ace Short Distance WHZB 2016
1. Tongeren                     3,284 pigeons
1. St. Job in 't Goor 388 pigeons
1. Asse Zellik 358 pigeons
1. Chimay 256 pigeons
1. Asse Zellik 226 pigeons
1. Feluy 213 pigeons
1. Laon 187 pigeons
1. Soissons 169 pigeons

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