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Van de Woestijne and Son winning 1. Bierges – 1,873 pigeons with grandchild Maj Britt, direct Eijerkamp breeding star

Van de Woestijne and Son winning 1. Bierges – 1,873 pigeons with grandchild Maj Britt, direct Eijerkamp breeding star

The partnership of Piet and Pieter van de Woestijne from Opheusden, a small village in the center part of Holland, are true specialists on the short and middle distance but also can excel on the One-day long distance. Even when they are not direct competitors of the Eijerkamp team, they race in the same section Afdeling 8 GOU and each year they compete in the top in all different championships in their own federation, region of section.

One of their base breeders is "Maj Britt", NL13-1801414NL13-1801414, a pure Heremans-Ceusters which Pieter bought direct at the Eijerkamp lofts. This great breeding hen bred, with proven descendants in first and second generation, bred multiple winners and champion pigeons in the father and son loft and again in 2021 the genes for "Maj Britt" still winning.
"Maj Britt" is bred from a direct Leo Heremans cock, grandson of the legendary "Olympiade 003" when paired to a daughter of another breeding star Jonge Peter"Jonge Peter", who again is grandchild of the famous "Olympiade 003".

Jonge Peter


"Jonge Peter" is (great)grandfather
1. NPO Peronne          6,668 pigeons
1. St. Quentin 4,262 pigeons
1. Asse Zellik 2,243 pigeons
1. P. Picena 1,850 pigeons
1. P. Picena 1,581 pigeons
1. Morlincourt 618 pigeons
3. Meer  2,523 pigeons
4. NPO Peronne 7,459 pigeons
4. Breuil       3,830 pigeons
6. Pommeroeul   5,520 pigeons

Grandson "Olympiade 003

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NL21-1027510, winner of 1st Bierges
In the racing area Southwest, the NL21-1027510, grandchild for "Maj Britt", won 5 prizes including a fantastic win in this strong competition.

  • 1. Bierges 151 km 1,873 pigeons

The nest mate for the 510 won 6 prize cards out of the 7 races he was entered
Both were bred out of NL18-1710541 which is bred from an inbred "Solange" when paired to a daughter of "Maj Britt".
The NL18-1710541 was a very good racing cock already as yearling in which he won 17 prize cards. Some of the best results for the NL18-541 are

  • 1. Quievrain 490 pigeons
    2. against 1,411 pigeons
  • 12. Maastricht 1,847 pigeoms
  • 12.  Chalons 927 pigeons
  • 18.  Morlincourt 2,027 pigeons
  • 21. Quievrain 1,741 pigeons
  • 21. Morlincourt 773 pigeons
  • 30. Quievrain 1,397 pigeons
  • 33. St. Job in "t Goor  1,263 pigeons
  • 39. Peronne 612 pigeons
  • 44. Niergnies 972 pigeons
  • 50. Tienen 857 pigeons
  • 61. Bierges 1,157 pigeons
  • 78. Etroeungt  1,723 pigeons
  • 92. Soissons 1,838 pigeons

Now this cock is sitting in the breeding loft as he now already is father to 2 different 1st prizewinners. Another son, NL10-1324427, who also won 1st prize from Bierges as youngster and who also did very well again as yearling in 2021.