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Partnership Schlief-Stiens-Plono - Oelde (Germany); Superb victory with grandson Turbo Rossi and outstanding performance; 1-2-3 Fulda against 4,925 pigeons

Partnership Schlief-Stiens-Plono - Oelde (Germany); Superb victory with grandson Turbo Rossi and outstanding performance; 1-2-3 Fulda against 4,925 pigeons

A fantastic result for the partnership Schlief - Stiens - Plono from Oelde (Germany) in the first race of the season in which they beat all competitors in the District 416, Ems-Werse, as they won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fulda - Maberzell (176 km) against 4,925 pigeons. The glorious victory was won by a 2-year-old cock bred from a grandson Rossi"Rossi" X Spinneke"Spinneke" (direct Leo Heremans) when coupled to a daughter of the Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi". Another great performance for this partnership in which Martin Stiens is owner and driving force for many years. The bloodlines of Heremans are dominant in their loft as well and besides a lot of direct pigeons from Leo Heremans, Martin also introduced many Eijerkamp pigeons successfully in his loft out of all the very best Heremans-Ceusters pigeons that Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp owns.
The partnership for Herman Schlief and Martin Stiens had already 2 Olympiade pigeons, bred from the super lines of the Euro"Euro", via the NL09-1835099NL09-1835099, and "Olympiade 003" and now again they excel in the race from Fulda with the descendants for their Heremans and Eijerkamp pigeons.
DV 02114-20-92, grandson Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi", 1st Fulda - 4,925 pigeons
The winner of this race, by just 3 seconds, is a 2-year-old pure Leo Heremans cock. He is bred from "Brother Gilbert" when paired to "Miss Rossi", NL19-1411031NL19-1411031, who is a direct daughter of the top breeder Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi" X "Vicky" (daughter of the Lichte Blauwe"Lichte Blauwe"). The Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi" is true champion in racing as in breeding, after his superb performances in racing, in which he won 5x 1st prize in big competition, he showed his skills even more in breeding in which he became father and grandfather to many winners and ace pigeons.

The best results for the DV 02114-20-92 are

  • 1. Fulda 4,925 pigeons
  • 11. Plattling 1,041 pigeons
  • 42. Parsburg 1,334 pigeons
  • 44. Hammelburg 1,545 pigeons
  • 50. Fulda 1,459 pigeons
  • 56. Hammelburg 1,098 pigeons
  • 57. Parsburg 730 pigeons

Turbo Rossi


"Turbo Rossi" is winner of
1. La Louviere                       4,483 pigeons
1. Gennep 1,953 pigeons
1. Zandvliet 1,832 pigeons
1. Tongeren 1,191 pigeons
1. Tongeren 811 pigeons
"Turbo Rossi" is (grand)father of a.o.
7. Nat. Ace pigeon Short Distance WHZB 2019
8. Nat. Ace Youngsters M D. PIPA 2018 
1. Chimay                               11,156 pigeons
1. Rhisnes 8,079 pigeons
1. Niergnies 6,400 pigeons
1. Fulda 4,925 pigeons
1. Budel 4,373 pigeons
1. Tienen 3,977 pigeons
1. Quievrain 2,053 pigeons
1. Quievrain 1,954 pigeons

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Cortenoeverseweg 82
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Tel: +31 575 538555

DV 02114-20-108, pure Leo Heremans, 2nd Fulda - 4,925 pigeons
With just 2 seconds this, pure Leo Heremans, hen was beaten by the grandson of Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi". The "108" is bred from "Black Beauty" direct Leo Heremans and grandson of the super pair Rossi"Rossi" X Spinneke"Spinneke".

DV 02114-21-1224, granddaughter "Starlit", 3rd Fulda - 4,925 pigeons
This hen also arrived together with both other pigeons but just beaten by 5 seconds. She again is 50% Eijerkamp as the father, NL20-1249949NL20-1249949, "Victory Leo" is direct Eijerkamp and son for "Starlit", son Olympic Leo"Olympic Leo", X "Manuela" who is direct daughter to the famous Euro"Euro". Mother to the bronze Medaille is a daughter for "Olympic Martin", Olympiade pigeon Short-distance in Brussels for the partnership Schlief-Stiens and who is grandson to the NL09-1835099NL09-1835099, foundation hen at the loft in Oelde and direct daughter of the Euro"Euro".
The DV02114-21-1224 won as youngster 2 prize cards out of the 3 races basketed and now she won, next to this 3rd prize Fulda against 4,925 pigeons, also 96th Hammelburg against 1,545 pigeons.

Victory Leo


Grandson "Olympic Leo" who is winner :
1. Olympiad pigeon Germany Cat D
2. Nat Acepigeon Ace cock Germany All-round
1. Kalisz 3,756 pigeons
1. Neubrandenburg             3,517 pigeons
1. Neubrandenburg 1,050 pigeons
2. Lubieszyn 2,219 pigeons
3. Kalisz 5,183 pigeons
3. Lubieszyn 1,237 pigeons
6. Lubieszyn 1,089 pigeons
8. Kalisz 3,159 pigeons
8. Recz 1,054 pigeons
9. Naklo 1,148 pigeons
"Olympic Leo" is father
1. Geel                                    6,739 pigeons

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555