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1. Prov. Pontoise against 6,499 pigeons with granddaughter Tanguy and Miss Magic for Comb. van Rooij from Tull en t Waal

1. Prov. Pontoise against 6,499 pigeons with granddaughter Tanguy and Miss Magic for Comb. van Rooij from Tull en t Waal

Tull en 't Waal is a small place, in the centre of Holland, in the province of Utrecht. Real small as you can count the streets almost in one hand but in the pigeon sport Tulle en 't Waal is getting known each year better and better and that just because of the outstanding performances achieved by the father and sons partnership Comb. van Rooij.
In 2021 we already reported about their sensational provincial victory but now in 2022 they did it again as they won 1st and 2nd Provincial Pointoise (390 km) against 6,499 pigeons with a speed of 1,141 m.p.m. Both winners bred from direct Eijerkamp pigeons as the winner is bred from a son of top breeder Tanguy"Tanguy" and the 2nd prize winner is bred from grandson of "Ché".
NL21-1025330, 1. Prov. Pontoise against 6,499 pigeons
Side by side the 2 winning hens on this tough race but this chequer hen just trapped a little sooner. She already won 6 prize cards this season and last year as youngster she only was raced in the speed/Natour races in which she also won 3 prize cards. Her father, "Thunder Eye", NL18-1628936NL18-1628936, is a direct son of Tanguy"Tanguy" X Miss Magic"Miss Magic". "Thunder Eye" is full brother to "Magic Loya", winner of the 1st NPO Fay aux Loges (564 km) against 9,218 pigeons in the loft of Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp.

Tanguy"Tanguy", a direct Verkerk and grandson of Olympic Solange"Olympic Solange", is father and grandfather to several top pigeons, aces and 1st prize winners and this in combination with different partners. In this he was paired to Miss Magic"Miss Magic", daughter of "Claudio Ché" X Kaira"Kaira", and Miss Magic"Miss Magic" is also mother to several toppers in racing and breeding.
Mother to the NL21-330 is "Lady Arabella", a direct hen for R. Bakker and Son and she is 100% Koopman. "Lady Arabella" is also proven breedster as she is a.o. mother to the 3rd Olympiade pigeon Youngsters Romania 2022.
The best results of the NL21-1025330 in her short career are;

  • 1. Prov. Pontoise 6,499 pigeons
  • 41.Prov. Pt. St. Maxence 4,355 pigeons
  • 43. Pt. St. Maxence 2,654 pigeons
  • 75. Asse Zellik 3,495 pigeons
  • 89. Lessines 2,200 pigeons
  • 91. Quievrain 2,581 pigeons
  • 223. Niergies 2,941 pigeons

NL21-1025473 2. Prov. Pontoise against 6,499 pigeons
Just beaten by 5 seconds by the loftmate but still 2.45 minutes ahead of the number 3 in the list is another widowhood hen who also is bred from direct Eijerkamp cock. The father is "Corvette", NL17-1819531NL17-1819531, a pure van Loon bred from the last son of Fabio"Fabio" when paired to daughter for the legendary "Ché". "Corvette" is also a proven breeder in the breeding loft as he is father to
15. Nat. Ace pigeon Middle distance Youngsters Pipa 2019

  • 2. Lessines 4,006 pigeons
  • 2. Prov. Roye 6,208 pigeons
  • 6. Prov. Roye 4,620 pigeons
  • 7. Wolvertem 2,039 pigeons
  • 14.Prov. Roye 6,208 pigeons
  • 19. Prov. Sens 5,214 pigeons

Mother to the NL21-473 is a direct hen of G. and S. Verkerk.



'Corvette' is top breeder at Comb. van Rooij

'Corvette' is father to
15. Nat. Ace M.D. Youngsters PIPA 2019
2. Prov. Pontoise 6,499 pigeons
2. Lessines 4,006 pigeons
2. Prov. Roye 6,208 pigeons
6. Prov. Roye 4,620 pigeons
7. Wolvertem            2,039 pigeons
14. Prov. Roye 6,208 pigeons
19. Prov. Sens 5,214 pigeons

'Corvette' is grandson 'Fabio' and 'Ché'

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6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555

Father Peter and Sons are dedicated to the sport and they also invested seriously at several top fanciers in Holland as well as with Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp as they bought numerous pigeons from their Heremans-Ceusters, Verkerk and Eijerkamp-Van Loon lines.
Provincial Niergnies, 2-4-5-6-8-15-20-21-22 against 6,619 pigeons
The week before Pointoise they had another outstanding race from Niergnies (245 km). This was a bit faster race in which they were 20 seconds short for the provincial victory in this race. The 2nd prize was won by the NL21-1025447, who again is a widowhood hen and 50% Eijerkamp as she is bred from "Raymond", NL16-1253633NL16-1253633. "Raymond" was also bought direct through the Eijerkamp web-shop and "Raymond" is direct son for super crack Damien"Damien" when paired to "Mimi", a daughter out of Rossi"Rossi" x Karen"Karen". In 2021 a daughter of "Raymond" won 1st Provincial Lessines against 19,326 pigeons.
The NL21-1025447 already won 7 prize cards out of the 7 races entered and her best scores are:

  • 2. Prov. Niergnies 6,619 pigeons
  • 8. Niergnies 2,941 pigeons
  • 54. Lessines 6,714 pigeons
  • 62. Lessines 1,683 pigeons
  • 68. Quievrain 2,581 pigeons
  • 87. Prov. Niergnies 6,261 pigeons

The 4th provincial won by the NL21-1025385 who is direct daughter to "Davina", the super hen that won last year 1st Provincial Lessines and who was proclaimed 5th National Ace pigeon Speed with De Allerbeste in 2020. "Davina; is daughter to "Raymond, NL16-1253633NL16-1253633.

The 8th provincial Niergnies was won by the NL21-1025457 who is 100% Eijerkamp pigeon bred from "Djay" X "Mistress", NL18-1629151NL18-1629151, who is direct daughter of "Giant Ché" X "Flex".
"Djay", NL11-1343838NL11-1343838, another proven breeder who is father to 3 pigeons who won Top 10 Provincial/NPO. "Djay" is full brother to Karen"Karen" who was herself 1. Ace pigeon Youngsters and who is bred from "Ferenc" x "Lady Christje"