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Grandson Rossi winning 2x 1st against thousands of pigeons in the 2022 season for G.W. & P. Macalony from Janefield (UK)

The partnership of George, William & Paul Macaloney from Coatbridge in Lanarkshire, Scotland have been one of the most successful in Scottish history. They have become household names with years of success in the Lanarkshire Federation, one of the largest organizations in the UK. They were the first UK winners for the prestigious Gouden Duif competition in 2016. They won multiple first prizes, ace pigeon titles and so on but now in 2022 they have again an extraordinary champion in their loft who won already 2x 1st prize in big competition and this new superstar, bred by Justin Rogers from his "Blue Rossi", is a grandson of the legendary Rossi"Rossi" and "Kittel".

GB21-P-28317 "Topgun Kittel", winner 3x 1st prize
The GB21-P-28317 "Topgun Kittel" won successfully 2x 1st prize in the Lanarkshire federation and his best results in 2022 until now are;

1. Alnwick (150 km) 5,391 pigeons 1494 m.p.m. 0.01%
1. Alnwick (150 km) 2,462 pigeons 1270 m.p.m. 0.01%
24. Thirsk (246 km) 5,072 pigeons   0.47%
31. Worksop (341 km) 3,447 pigeons   0.89%
32. Bubwith (302 km) 4,250 pigeons   0.75%
77. Wooler (124 km) 3,484 pigeons   2.21%

As youngster "Topgun Kittel" won a.o.
1. Kelso (101 km)                       201 pigeons 1022 m.p.m.
"Topgun Kittel" was part of a testgroup of 16 youngsters bred by Justin Rogers (Bosliven loft) and he was bred out of "Blauwe Rossi", NL13-1802380NL13-1802380. "Blauwe Rossi" is a direct son of the famous Rossi"Rossi" when paired to "Lieve Hera", daughter of Hercules"Hercules" X Hera"Hera", so granddaughter of the legendary Olympiade"Olympiade 003". All the famous golden Leo Heremans-Ceusters pigeons to be found in "Blauwe Rossi", who is proven breeder for Justin Rogers as he is (grand)father to

  • 1. Nat. Guernsey 2021 - 5,800 pigeons
  • 1. Yeovil - 2,437 pigeons
  • 1. Tewkesbury
  • 1. Wollaston
  • 1. Yeovil

The mother to "Topgun Kittel" is B19-4213904 bred by Flanders Collection and direct daughter of the "Kittel", 1st National Ace pigeon for Dirk van de Bulck.

Paul about "Topgun Kittel"; "His breeding is impeccable, in the hand he is an absolute powerhouse, around the loft he is a character pigeon, last one most exercises and likes to dominate the landing board. Arriving with loft mates on his wins, he is always determined to be first in, a great instinct". "He was part of a group of pigeons from Bosliven Lofts that we tested in 2021, "Topgun Kittel" was my pick coming out the box, he always had that X-Factor about him, intelligence was there from day one".




'Rossi' is super breeder and winner 
1. Quievrain                  2,508 pigeons
2. Quievrain  1,580 pigeons

'Rossi' is (grand)father 
1. Olympiad bird Netherlands 2012 Middle Dist.
1. Budel  11,145 pigeons
1. Duiven  9,041 pigeons
1. Heusden-Zolder     8,538 pigeons
1. NPO Morlincourt  6,297 pigeons
1. Tienen  6,267 pigeons
1. Quievrain  6,153 pigeons
1. Soissons  5,392 pigeons

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