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1. Provincial Pt. St. Maxence - 2,644 pigeons with 50% Eijerkamp for Houmes and Son from Middelburg

1. Provincial Pt. St. Maxence - 2,644 pigeons with 50% Eijerkamp for Houmes and Son from Middelburg

Last year we reported you already about the provincial victory for the partnership A. Houmes and Son who won 1st Provincial Fontenay (378 km) with their super pigeon Jesse against 8,936 pigeons. Now last Saturday a full brother to "Jesse" won 1st provincial Pt. St. Maxence (257 km) against 2,644 pigeons in Amalgamation Zeeland!!!! Another proof of the superb genes housed in the loft of the Houmes partnership which is standing for grandfather Adrie, son Erwin and grandson Joachim who all three "crazy", fanatic and loving their common passion, the pigeons. The father for both winners is a direct Eijerkamp cock and son for the Blauwe Jackpot"Blauwe Jackpot" and "Fantastic Euro". So, they very best of the Heremans-Ceusters in cross with a hen with a high percentage of Vandenabeele in her blood. The race for the partnership Houmes was a tremendous success as they entered 30 youngsters for which 23 won prize card but seeing the result 1-2-3-9-12-15-19-20-23-24 etc. you already can see that they dominated the provincial list and this already the 3rd provincial victory in a row now !!!!

NL22-2204231, 1st Provincial Pt. St. Max against 2,644 pigeons
"Joris" was entered first in the loft and with a speed of 1,645 m.p.m. he just beaten 2 of his loft mates in this youngbird race. This was his second price card in the 3 races entered and now with a sensational victory he just showing his great potential to his owners.

NL19-1713843, 1st Provincial Fontenay against 8,936 pigeons
"Jesse" NL19-1713843, was the winner of the provincial race in 2021 against 8,936 pigeons and in 2021 he also was proclaimed 3rd Ace pigeon Middle Distance in the federation while in 2020 he was crowned 4. Prov. Ace pigeon Middle Distance Afd. Zeeland.
The best results achieved by "Jesse"

  • 1. Provincial Fontenay 8,936 pigeons
  • 5. Provincial Fontenay 3,143 pigeons
  • 6. Breuil 1,410 pigeons
  • 42. Prov. Melun10,375 pigeons

The parents of the provincial winners
Father: NL14-1604968NL14-1604968 "Thiago", son for top breeder Blauwe Jackpot"Blauwe Jackpot", direct son for the legendary Jackpot"Jackpot" when he was paired to a daughter of "Di Caprio". The mother of "Thiago" is "Fantastic Euro", a daughter of the Euro"Euro", another foundation cock for the Heremans-Ceusters lines.

Mother: NL14-1116501 a direct Antheunisse hen and blessed with the super lines of Koen Minderhoud, Albert Derwa and Comb. Traas.