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Freek Wagenaar from Voorst (NL); 1. Prov. Champion Youngbirds in Amalgamation 8 with great contribution of Eijerkamp pigeons

Freek Wagenaar from Voorst (NL); 1. Prov. Champion Youngbirds in Amalgamation 8 with great contribution of Eijerkamp pigeons

Freek Wagenaar from Voorst is only racing youngbird races due to allergy problems but this he does with so much energy, passion and efforts that he again is crowned 1st Provincial Champion Youngsters this year in Amalgamation 8. that every year, he is the fancier, in district Northeast in Amalgamation 8, to be beaten. Now the start of his specialty again was undoubtable as Freek Wagenaar won 1st, 2nd and 3rd Heusden-Zolder (139 km) against 4,930 pigeons. All 3 winning pigeons having a high percentage of Eijerkamp blood in their veins and they were the only 3 pigeons who reached a velocity over 1,200 m.p.m. in this tough start of the youngbird season 2022.

"Brutus", NL17-1821532NL17-1821532, Nr. 1 breeder at Freek Wagenaar
This direct Eijerkamp cock, NL17-1821532NL17-1821532, is the Nr. 1 breeder for Team Wagenaar. He is late bred cock 2017 who first started to breed for Freek in 2019 but in meantime is father, grand- and great grandfather to many top racers in the the Voorster loft. "Brutus" is direct son of Turbo Olympiade"Turbo Olympiade", super breeding son out of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" X Celena"Celena" and the mother is Ice Bucket"Ice Bucket", a phenomenal breeding daughter of the famous "Ché". So, "Brutus" has 75% Van Loon and 25% Heremans blood in his veins and "Brutus" has a great impact on the results for Freek Wagenaar now, but also in the previous years. The offspring for him again was involved in the great performances in the 2022 season like
NL22-8225901, a direct son, is winner of 1st Tongeren against 2,766 pigeons
NL22-8225928, a direct daughter, is winner of 2nd Tongeren against 2,766 pigeons

"Cor van Gogh", NL22-8225969, Star of the season with 2x massive 1st prize
The "Cor van Gogh" is the star of the 2022 season in which he won 4x Top 5 in the region.

  • 1st Niergnies – 2,064 pigeons
  • 1st Morlincourt – 3,889 pigeons
  • 3rd Tongeren – 2,766 pigeons
  • 5th Heusden – 2,986 pigeons

"Cor" is bred from "Ernst", 1st Ace pigeon in federation as youngster in 2021, and "Ernst" again is grandson of the NL17-1821532NL17-1821532. The father of "Ernst" himself already was 7th Ace pigeon in the federation which leads this to already 3 generations top pigeons from this top breeder "Brutus".
"Cor van Gogh" also is grandson to "Olympic Frank", 1st Olympic pigeon the Netherlands Cat. F Youngsters with a coefficient for 1.792 and winning

  • 1. Morlincourt (363 km)         4,365 pigeons
  • 1. Chimay (268 km)                1,441 pigeons (2 - 4,275 pigeons)
  • 4. Nanteuil (432 km)               3,651 pigeons

The ancestry of the "Olympic Frank" also contains the Eijerkamp lines as
the father carrying the blood lines of the NL09-1836154NL09-1836154 (line Bartoli"Bartoli") when paired to a pure Eijerkamp pigeon (via comb. Geurtz and Son, from Haalderen) was bred from a full brother Celena"Celena"NL13-1801250NL13-1801250.

NL22-8225948, 1st Beek en Donk against 4,930 pigeons
This massive winner is 75% Eijerkamp blood bred out of a direct Eijerkamp cock, NL20-1202826NL20-1202826, who is bred from a direct W.A. de Bruijn cock, "Son Adonis", and its mother is direct from Andre and Bert Leideman and daughter of their "Crack 19".
The mother of the winner is bred out of the NL20-1202822NL20-1202822, pure W.A. de Bruijn and bred at the Eijerkamp lofts out of Willem"Willem", son of "Murphys Law", x "Carisma", who is daughter of champion "Stefaan", a massive winner in the loft of Willem de Bruijn. The NL20-1202822NL20-1202822 is Co-winner of the 1st National Championship NPO Youngbirds which Freek Wagenaar won in the 2020 season and in this he was mated to "Janneke", a good breeding hen of Bram Scherpenzeel from Twello.
Freek want to dedicate the provincial championship to Hans Eijerkamp because of the great impact of the Eijerkamp pigeons in his loft but also for his contribution to the international pigeonsport. "Hans Eijerkamp, in meantime 88 years old, is a true icon, sponsor, inspiration, figurehead and ambassador for the pigeonsport global and I want to thank him again for the super pigeons and all his efforts to the pigeonsport" according Freek Wagenaar and in this we thank Freek for these great words !!!!!

Turbo Olympiade


"Turbo Olympiade" is father 
1. NPO Laon 11,179 pigeons
1. Tongeren 2,802 pigeons
1. Nanteuil 752 pigeons
1. Quievrain 3,327 pigeons
2. Isnes 5,079 pigeons
2. Chalons en Champagne     3,282 pigeons
3. Nanteuil le Haudouin 2,211 pigeons
3. NPO Nanteuil 7,509 pigeons
4. Chimay 7,048 pigeons
6. Bierges 7,088 pigeons
7. Pithiviers 1,890 pigeons
9. Laon 1,959 pigeons
10. Niergnies 2,221 pigeons
15. Prov. Laon 9,815 pigeons

Son 'Nieuwe Olympiade' x 'Celena'

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555

Ice Bucket


"Ice Bucket" is (grand)mother to:
1.   Hot Spot Nong Chok OLR 2,174 pigeons
1.   Tongeren 2,802 pigeons
2.   NPO Fay aux Loges      5,734 pigeons
4.   National Fay aux Loges   14,036 pigeons
3.   Niergnies 2,748 pigeons
6.   Bierges 7,088 pigeons
6.   Prov. Nanteuil 7,509 pigeons
6.   NPO Bourges 5,856 pigeons
7.   NPO Nanteuil 5,215 pigeons
10.   Niergnies 2,122 pigeons
13.   Final Kozieglowki OLR   
16.   NPO Fay aux Loges  5,734 pigeons
18.   NPO Pithiviers 3,415 pigeons
Daughter super racer/breeder "Ché"

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555

Nieuwe Olympiade


"Nieuwe Olympiade" is winner
2. Olympiad pigeon Cat F Poznan 2011
1. Quievrain                2,460 pigeons
2. Quievrain 2,790 pigeons
3. Quievrain 2,073 pigeons

'Nieuwe Olympiade' is (gr)grand- father
1. Nat. ACE Middle Distance Portugal in 2016
1. Open Tullamore 20,315 pigeons
1. Prov.  Chalons 20,306 pigeons
1. Nat. Fontenay           12,727 pigeons
1. NPO Tongeren 12,699 pigeons
1. Provincial Laon 11,179 pigeons
1. Prov. Laon 7,594 pigeons
1. Prov. Nanteuil 7,509 pigeons

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555



Super breeder "Ché" is winner
1. NPO Orleans    14,285 pigeons  556 km
1. Arras   9,641 pigeons 310 km
9. NPO Orleans   18,184 pigeons 556 km
9. Bourges   1,834 pigeons 620 km

Descendants 'Che' won a.o.
1. Arriving pigeon Pioneer Club race 2017
1. Nat. ACE Young BirdsThe Netherlands

1. Provincial ACE Section 4 One-Day Distance
1. Nat. ACE Fondspiegel 2013 One-Day Distance
1. Nat. ACE FRSC Romania 2012 All-round
1. Arriving pigeon Mira Derby One Loft race
1. Semi-National ACE 2010 One-Day Distance

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555