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<b>PRESENTED:</b> Smoky Euro 5. National Ace Young Short Distance PIPA

PRESENTED: Smoky Euro 5. National Ace Young Short Distance PIPA

In this quiet period, outside the racing season, we are already fully engaged in preparations for 2024. Pairings on paper have already been arranged, vaccinations have taken place, and soon the first pigeons will be paired again.
We still reflect on the past season and showcase some of our pigeons that have particularly distinguished themselves in the past year.
We start with the young pigeon NL23-9100040NL23-9100040 "Smoky Euro".

"Smoky Euro" is winner
  5. National Ace Young Short Distance PIPA

5. Bierges                                     3,046 pigeons
9. Provincial Chimay 8,316 pigeons
14. Niergnies 1,744 pigeons
15. Bierges 3,448 pigeons
23. Quievrain                                   2,683 pigeons
44. Tienen 1,217 pigeons



"Smoky Euro" was bred from New Euro"New Euro" x Erin"Erin", a daughter of Solange Junior"Solange Junior".
New Euro"New Euro" represented Germany in 2015 at the Olympiad as the best young pigeon.
New Euro"New Euro" has proven to be a fantastic breeding pigeon and is already a (great) grandfather to many top pigeons.

Solange Junior"Solange Junior" has also demonstrated its worth in the breeding loft and is, among others, the father of Olympic Jozef"Olympic Jozef", who represented the Netherlands as the 2nd best yearling at the 2022 Olympiad.