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<b>PRESENTED:</b> Dynamo 7th National Ace Yearlings PIPA 2023

PRESENTED: Dynamo 7th National Ace Yearlings PIPA 2023

We continue our series to introduce our best pigeons of 2023. Now it's the turn of NL22-8228841NL22-8228841 "Dynamo", a yearling hen that achieved the following championships:

  • 7th National Ace Yearlings PIPA 2023
  • 10th National Ace Yearlings De Allerbeste 2023
  • 10th National Ace Old Birds PIPA 2023

"Dynamo" won 16 prizes as a yearling, including:

  • 3rd Inter Provincial Gray against 2,346 pigeons
  • 5th Tienen against 4,521 pigeons
  • 7th  Bierges against 3,448 pigeons
  • 7th Tienen against 2,754 pigeons
  • 11th Morlincourt against 2,309 pigeons
  • 12th Chateauroux against 1,389 pigeons
  • 15th Gien against 1,348 pigeons
  • 18th Quievrain against 3,749 pigeons

"Dynamo" was bred from NL18-1628604NL18-1628604 "Joeri" x Tegan"Tegan". Tegan"Tegan" is also the mother of Olympic Jozef"Olympic Jozef", the winner of:

  • 1st National Ace pigeon Middle Distance "De Allerbeste" 2020
  • 1st National Ace pigeon Long Distance WHZB in 2020

"Dynamo" is a half-sister of NL20-1248756NL20-1248756 "Monique", who won the following prizes:

  • 9th National ACE Overall De Allerbeste 2022
  • 9th National ACE Old Birds Pipa ranking 2022
  • 4th NPO Salbris against 4,671 pigeons
  • 5th Niergnies against 2,333 pigeons
  • 8th Bierges against 4,925 pigeons
  • 13th NPO Vierzon against 3,993 pigeons
  • 15th Morlincourt against 4,324 pigeons