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<b>PRESENTED:</b> Dark Beetle - 11. National ACE Youngsters NPO 2023

PRESENTED: Dark Beetle - 11. National ACE Youngsters NPO 2023

In our weekly presentation of pigeons that have particularly distinguished themselves in 2023, we continue with NL23-9100033NL23-9100033 "Dark Beetle".

The name already suggests that this is a pigeon related to our super pigeon Beetle"Beetle".

The mother of "Dark Beetle" is Uniek"Uniek", mother of Beetle"Beetle". and an excellent breeding hen.

The father of "Dark Beetle" is Olympiade Stefaan"Olympiade Stefaan". a son of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" x Bonte Stefaan"Bonte Stefaan".

Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" was purchased for a significant amount at an auction where the entire colony of Leo Heremans was sold. Despite this substantial amount, it was not a mis purchase because the descendants of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" have since amassed an impressive list of top performances. Bonte Stefaan"Bonte Stefaan" came as a young pigeon from Stefaan Lambrechts and developed into a fantastic racing pigeon and later as a breeding hen.