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<b>PRESENTED: </B>Rexy 7. National Ace Middle Distance PIPA Rankings 

PRESENTED: Rexy 7. National Ace Middle Distance PIPA Rankings 

Also in 2024, we continue introducing pigeons that performed exceptionally well in 2023.
This time, we present a hen from the loft of Eijerkamp-Paalman, namely NL22-8228948NL22-8228948 "Rexy", a daughter of NL19-1412810NL19-1412810 "Poseidon", which was bred from the outstanding pair Vetblauwe Jackpot"Vetblauwe Jackpot" x Uniek"Uniek".
The mother of "Rexy" is NL19-1444044NL19-1444044 "Miss de Duif", obtained from Peter Janssen, who has already proven herself in the breeding loft.

Vetblauwe Jackpot"Vetblauwe Jackpot" has evolved into one of the best breeding pigeons in the lofts in Brummen. The number of top pigeons, often in the second generation, is enormous.
Offspring of Vetblauwe Jackpot"Vetblauwe Jackpot" not only performed exceptionally well on the lofts of Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp and Eijerkamp-Paalman but also demonstrated champion blood in lofts of customers worldwide.

Uniek"Uniek" also possesses exceptional breeding qualities. When paired with Vetblauwe Jackpot"Vetblauwe Jackpot", she became the mother of Beetle"Beetle", the winner of:

  • 1. National Ace Pigeon Yearlings De Allerbeste 2019
  • 1. National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Pipa 2019
  • 2. National Ace Pigeon Pipa Ranking SD/MD 2019

In 2023, Uniek"Uniek" became the mother of NL23-9100032NL23-9100032 "New Beetle", NL23-9100033NL23-9100033 "Dark Beetle", and NL23-7084063NL23-7084063 "Unique" when paired with Olympiade Stefaan"Olympiade Stefaan", and all these pigeons performed exceptionally well.