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<b>Sensational transfer:</b> Geeloger, 1. National Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2023, moves from Erik Limbourg to Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp

Sensational transfer: Geeloger, 1. National Ace Pigeon Allround KBDB 2023, moves from Erik Limbourg to Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp

The year 2024 has been ushered in quite well, and everyone has resolutions and wishes, including Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. Apart from good health, Hans and Evert-Jan are determined to make a strong impact with their pigeons in the 2024 season, aiming for another beautiful and successful season. Like everyone else, Hans and Evert-Jan also have wishes, and one of them was to have a National Ace Pigeon KBDB in their lofts in Brummen. 
This wish was fulfilled right at the beginning of 2024 because the Geeloger"Geeloger", the 1. National Ace Pigeon Allround Old and Yearlings KBDB of the 2023 season, was acquired from the Belgian master Erik Limbourg in Brussegem.



1. Nat. Ace pigeon Allround KBDB
 Old and Yearlings in 2023

3. Nat. Ace pigeon Allround
 World Best Pigeon FCI 2023
1. Nat. Argenton zone    2,644 pigeons 521 km
    1. Fastest against 4,504 pigeons  
  24. National 17,210 pigeons  
2. Nat. Aurillac Zone 1,962 pigeons 684 km
  21. National 6,512 pigeons  
10. Nat. Bourges Zone 3,097 pigeons 441 km
  42. National 18,729 pigeons  
11. Nat. Souillac Zone 1,755 pigeons 703 km
8. Noyon 2,543 pigeons 177 km
Bred and raced by Eric Limbourg
All prizes won in 2023 without doubles

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555

In late December, at the young pigeon auction of Willem de Bruijn, Hans and Evert-Jan crossed paths with Erik Limbourg. The conversation naturally revolved around the outstanding performances that both Eijerkamp and Limbourg had achieved in 2023. Erik proudly shared details about his national Ace Pigeon, also a 100% pure de Bruijn, for which significant amounts had been offered by several interested parties from China.
However, Erik was not willing to part with this top performer for those amounts. Seizing the opportunity, Evert-Jan immediately mentioned to Erik that it was his dream to bring a national Ace Pigeon KBDB to Brummen. They scheduled a meeting for early January, and in Brussegem, this unique deal was sealed. Erik considered it an honor that this top pigeon stayed in Europe and ultimately went to Hans Eijerkamp. In 1971, Hans and the then-young Erik had met at the Olympiad in Brussels, and Erik had remained a great admirer of Eijerkamp ever since. For Hans and Evert-Jan, this is a unique and fitting addition to their already well-stocked breeding lofts.

B22-2090273B22-2090273 Geeloger"Geeloger"
This crack won the following prestigious titles for Erik Limbourg in 2023
1. Nat. Ace pigeon Allround Old and Yearlings KBDB
3. Nat. Ace pigeon Allround World Best Pigeons FCI

The best results for the Geeloger"Geeloger" in the 2023 season are

1. Nat. Argenton Zone 2,644 pigeons 521 km **
      1. fastest against 4,504 pigeons  
      24. National 17,210 pigeons  
2. Nat. Aurillac Zone 1,962 pigeons 684 km **
21. National 6,512 pigeons  
10. Nat. Bourges Zone 3,097 pigeons 442 km    
      42. National 18,729 pigeons  **
11. Nat. Souillac Zone 1,755 pigeons 704 km **
      92. National 6,085 pigeons  
4. Sermaises 630 pigeons 331 km    
8. Noyon 2,543 pigeons 177 km **
13. Noyon 1,268 pigeons 177 km    
22. Noyon 1,190 pigeons 177 km    
407. Nat. Limoges 1,325 pigeons 641 km    
1536. Nat. Argenton II 15,210 pigeons 521 km    

** results for National Ace pigeon Belgium coefficient 1,3054%
Erik himself, talking about the Geeloger"Geeloger", said, "He astonished me tremendously with his early arrival from Argenton, flying 28 minutes ahead of my second pigeon, even though I certainly don’t have poor pigeons. He was the only pigeon in Central Belgium that flew nationally in the top of the result because the rest of the early pigeons were all clocked in the Flanders with this strong east wind".
In the end, the Geeloger"Geeloger" wins 4 pure first prizes as a yearling.
Geeloger"Geeloger" a 100% Willem de Bruijn pigeon
The Geeloger"Geeloger" is blessed with the golden bloodlines of Willem de Bruijn because both the father and mother were acquired by Erik Limbourg at a young pigeon auction from De Bruijn in 2021.
The father, "Brother Super James", NL21-1193992NL21-1193992, is a sibling of "Super James", which secured two first prizes at Willem de Bruijn’s loft. "Super James" became in meantime already father to the "Olympic Pure Gold" who is 1. Olympiade pigeon Youngsters in Maastricht on behalf of De Bruijn and this crack became Olympiade pigeon by winning 

  • 1. Lennik against 4,050 pigeons
  • 5. Pt. St. Max against 8,628 pigeons
  • 8. Melun against 6,060 pigeons

Both, "Super James" and "Brother Super James" are grandsons of the foundation cock Olympic Hurricane"Olympic Hurricane".
The mother to Geeloger"Geeloger", NL21-1194049NL21-1194049, is "Sister Uranus" and she is bred from "Floris Junior", winner 5x 1st prize at Willem de Bruijn and "Floris Junior" is grandson to the super Heremans couple Rossi"Rossi" X Spinneke"Spinneke" who both moved successfully to the Eijerkamp lofts.
The mother to "Sister Uranus" is daughter "Olympic Niels", 3. Olympiade pigeon for Belgium at the late Dirk van Dyck and "Olympic Niels" is grandson to the legendary Jackpot"Jackpot" who was one of the key breeders at Eijerkamp as well. In this you can see the great impact of the great Heremans-Ceusters lines to "Sister Uranus". "Uranus" himself was crowned 2. National Ace pigeon Youngsters in 2016 and he became one of the key breeders at the loft of de Bruijn being father to a.o. "Secretariat" who in meantime is father to "Amalia" and "Alexia" both 1. National Ace pigeon in 2022 for Willem de Bruijn in 2 different National competitions.

Once again, a confirmation that De Bruijn pigeons are simply front-runners and easily pass on this trait. With the impressive collection of Willem de Bruijn pigeons that Hans and Evert-Jan already possess, the Geeloger"Geeloger" is a tremendous addition to this.
Furthermore, it is a dream come true for Hans and Evert-Jan that a National Belgium Ace will now continue its impressive legacy in the Eijerkamp breeding lofts.
Evert-Jan himself states; "I am so incredibly happy that we were able to purchase this top pigeon from Erik Limbourg. We simply want Allround top pigeons in our loft that can fly at the front from 100 to 750 km under all circumstances. This ace played at the front with speeds of 1,170 m.p.m. as well as 1,546 m.p.m. There are people who prefer to spend a lot of money on a Porsche, but I am much happier spending that money on a top pigeon like this Geeloger"Geeloger"."