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Miss Melun won her 2. provincial victory, now 1. Provincial Sens against 6,308 pigeons, for Dennis Veugelers from Nieuwstadt

Miss Melun won her 2. provincial victory, now 1. Provincial Sens against 6,308 pigeons, for Dennis Veugelers from Nieuwstadt

Good pigeons are a dream for every enthusiast fancier, but not everyone possesses them. However, Dennis Veugelers from Nieuwstadt does have good pigeons and dreams only of even better ones. He has a true champion pigeon on his loft now, "Miss Melun", who claimed her second provincial victory from Sens (366 km) last Saturday. In a provincial leaderboard dominated by the Veugelers family, she won 1st prize against 6,308 pigeons, with several more pigeons from both Dennis Veugelers and Team Veugelers following in her wake. The final result is phenomenal, with 1st, 2nd, 4t, 7th, 10th, 11th, 56th, 66th, 71st, and so on in Provincial Section 4 Afd. Limburg. The winner is a granddaughter of "Gina", NL12-1230605NL12-1230605, a fantastic breeding pigeon that Dennis obtained direct from Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp. "Gina" is a granddaughter of the legendary "Ché", one of the best Janssen x Van Loon pigeons ever on the Eijerkamp lofts.

NL21-1398821, "Miss Melun", 1. Prov. Sens against 6,308 pigeons
"Miss Melun" has once again secured a victory in a provincial race, achieving a speed of 1,371 meters per minute. This marks her third victory in the 2022 season, having already won the 1st Provincial Melun (347 km) against 11,632 pigeons and the 2nd Marche against 1,777 pigeons. She is descended from "Ireen", a bird that achieved 2nd NPO Lorris with 14,050 pigeons and is also the daughter of the Eijerkamp"s notable "Gina" - NL12-1230605NL12-1230605, a granddaughter of "Ché" and Beatrice"Beatrice". "Gina" not only gave birth to "Ireen" but also to three other first prize winners for Dennis Veugelers in competitive events. With this victory, "Miss Melun" joins the ranks of true champions such as "Ché", who won the 1st NPO Orleans against 14,285 pigeons, and Beatrice"Beatrice", a cat. A Olympiad pigeon in Oostende in 2007. It is clear that the apple does not fall far from the tree in this lineage of winners.

The best results in the 2023 season in this moment for the NL21-1398821 after she was entered 9 times and in which she won 7 prizecards;

  • 1. Prov. Sens (366 km) 6,308 pigeons
  • 2. Melun (347 km) 3,530 pigeons (15. Prov. - 13.841 p.)
  • 3. Lorris (426 km) 2,281 pigeons (15. Prov. - 8,635 p.)
  • 5. Rethel (200 km) 3,418 pigeons
  • 51. Sens (366 km) 2,823 pigeons
  • 65. Rethel (200 km) 2,810 pigeons