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Direct Eijerkamp winning 5. National Agen for Bert Eikelboom from Heerde,  grandson Kai Mook won 1. Chimay 1,547 pigeon for his brother Harger Eikelboom

Direct Eijerkamp winning 5. National Agen for Bert Eikelboom from Heerde, grandson Kai Mook won 1. Chimay 1,547 pigeon for his brother Harger Eikelboom

On the photo above: Bert, Martin and Harger Eikelboom
A unique achievement at one of the furthest distances in the National ZLU race Agen by Bert Eikelboom in Heerde, as he takes 5th National Agen against 5,449 pigeons with a direct Eijerkamp after 13.5 hours on the wing. In 2021, this granddaughter of Ibrahim"Ibrahim" and Tanguy"Tanguy", was also clocked in the evening at 22:10 after 14 hours of flying from Narbonne, winning the 53rd National.
As the saying goes, "What is good comes quickly", and when it’s a quality pigeon, it returns home swiftly and early. This was indeed also the case for a yearling grandson of Kai-Mook"Kai-Mook", owned by Bert’s brother, Harger Eikelboom from Heerde, who secured two pure first prizes as a yearling. While we mention Harger and Bert individually, it’s truly a family affair as they both started as junior enthusiasts under the name "Gebroeders Eikelboom" (Eikelboom Brothers). After setting off on their own paths, the brothers continued their passion for pigeons separately, and even their father Martin became infected with the pigeon bug. In 2023, the sport of pigeon racing is still pursued successfully, but now in collaboration and at each of their separate addresses in Heerde.
Bert Eikelboom; "Casey", 5th National and 11th International Agen 2023
In this year’s National Agen race, a pigeon directly from Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp achieved a sensational result, securing 5th place at the national level against 5,449 pigeons and 11th International out of 15,537 pigeons at Bert Eikelboom’s loft. The pigeons were released in Agen at 8 o’clock in the morning, and "Casey" was clocked at 21:41 hrs. in the evening after an impressive 13.5 hours of flying, covering a distance of 1,015 km. Remarkably, in 2021, she performed almost the same feat when she was timed at 22:10 in the evening on National Narbonne (1,052 km) after flying for nearly 14 hours.
"Casey", with the ring number NL20-7023544NL20-7023544, boasts an outstanding track record, summarized as follows:
* 2023: 5th National Agen (Old birds) - 5,449 pigeons - 1,015 km
                11th International Agen - 15,537 pigeons
                Released at 07:00 - Timed at 21:41
* 2022: 261st National Narbonne - 6,260 pigeons - 1,052 km
* 2021: 53rd National Narbonne - 8,188 pigeons - 1,052 km
                Released at 08:00 - Timed at 22:10

"Casey", NL20-7023544NL20-7023544, has strong bloodlines from the renowned Van Loon strain, with a touch of G. and S. Verkerk. She is the offspring of the pairing between "Finn" and "Emerald". "Finn" is the son of two proven Van Loon breeders, with his father, Ibrahim"Ibrahim", being the sire and grandfather of multiple winners and top pigeons, and his mother, Door"Door", being a proven breeder descended from Abel"Abel". "Finn" is a full brother to Tegan"Tegan", who, among other, is the mother of Olympic Jozef"Olympic Jozef", the superstar of the 2020 season on the Eijerkamp lofts, where he claimed the 1st National Ace Pigeon Middle-Distance and 1st National Ace Pigeon One-Day Long-Distance titles.
The dam of "Casey" is "Emerald", a top hen herself, having secured 4th National Troyes against 4,349 pigeons. "Emerald" is a daughter of the exceptional breeder Tanguy"Tanguy", paired with Miss Magic"Miss Magic", another top breeding hen and daughter of "Claudio Ché"


Harger Eikelboom; Grandson Kai-Mook"Kai-Mook" 1st Chimay against 1,547 pigeons with a lead of 10 minutes

The yearling cock NL22-8203596 achieves an impressive feat, claiming 2 pure first prizes as a yearling. Besides winning 1st Chimay against 1,547 pigeons with a remarkable 10-minute lead, he had previously secured 1st Chimay against 353 pigeons in the HCC (2nd against 2,200 pigeons regionally) just two weeks prior. Throughout the season, this yearling excelled, achieving a total of 12 prizes out of 13 races he participated in. This outstanding performance earned him the prestigious title of 1st Ace Pigeon Yearlings in the HCC, a league comprising clubs from Heerde and Wapenveld, as well as the 10th Regional Ace Pigeon in the Northeast flying area. Within the club, the NL22-8203596 scored 6 top 10 positions out of the 12 prizecards he won as a yearling.
The potential superstar’s parents were acquired by Bert from the racing loft from H. & E.J. Eijerkamp as eggs in the autumn of 2020. They were paired together in 2022, and the result was an immediate top-performing pigeon that showed great promise.

The father of NL22-8203596 is NL20-1250149NL20-1250149, a son of the phenomenal racing hen Naomi"Naomi", a super hen winning two first-prizes in big competition on the Eijerkamp lofts.

The mother, NL20-1250157NL20-1250157, is a daughter of Kai-Mook"Kai-Mook", also a renowned champion on the Eijerkamp lofts, having achieved three first-prizes in major competitions. Clearly, the NL22-8203596 has inherited exceptional qualities from both sides of its lineage, proving that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The NL22-8203596 was raced as a young pigeon on father Martin’s loft and right after the season ended, he was transferred to Harger’s lofts.



"Naomi" is winner of 5x prize 1: 1000 
1. Niergnies 6,400 pigeons  299 km
1. Morlincourt 4,975 pigeons 356 km
2. Quievrain           6,209 pigeons 255 km
2. Niergnies 2,333 pigeons 299 km
3. Niergnies 5,573 pigeons 299 km
3. Quievrain 2,681 pigeons 255 km
22. Chalons 1,459 pigeons 373 km
25. Quievrain 4,009 pigeons 255 km
26. Prov. Niergnies              10,065 pigeons 299 km
29. Bierges 4,925 pigeons 187 km
36. NPO Melun 2,659 pigeons 448 km
56. Morlincourt 4,288 pigeons 356 km
Daughter of 'Turbo Rossi' x 'Uniek'


Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555



"Kai-Mook" is winner of
7. Prov. ACE Short Distance Section 8 2022
8. Prov. ACE Speed section 8 2022
1. Prov. Morlincourt 17,024 pigeons 356 km
1. Bierges 2,271 pigeons 187 km
1. Dizy le Gros 1,758 pigeons 316 km
4. Bierges 4,925 pigeons 187 km
7. Prov. Niergnies       10,065 pigeons 299 km
9. Prov. Niergnies 6,829 pigeons 299 km
9. Tienen 2,438 pigeons 166 km
17. Niergnies 5,573 pigeons 299 km
28. Niergnies 1,106 pigeons 299 km
36. Quievrain 2,681 pigeons 255 km
Racer: Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Breeder: Gebr. A. and B. Leideman

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555