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Grandson Turbo Rossi winner of 5x 1st prize for Team Schlief-Stiens from Oelde

Grandson Turbo Rossi winner of 5x 1st prize for Team Schlief-Stiens from Oelde

Team Schlief-Stiens shines again in Germany with the best Heremans-Ceusters bloodlines in this 2023 season. For years, the partnership from Hermann Schlief and Martin Stiens from Oelde has been one of the premier racing lofts in Germany. In 2023, they once again achieved remarkable success, securing high rankings in various championships across multiple disciplines at both the provincial (Regionalverband Ems-Weser) and national levels. The Oelde federation is also a participant in the Westfalen competition, a fierce contest featuring 127 clubs and over 5,000 members. They are launching the season with a fleet of over 100,000 pigeons, the Schlief-Stiens partnership claimed the 7th Ace pigeon with the hens in the Westfalen competition. Notably, this exceptional hen is a purebred Eijerkamp descendant, sired by a son of Euro"Euro" and Olympic Vivian"Olympic Vivian", while the dam has been bred from Vetblauwe Jackpot"Vetblauwe Jackpot" and "Simone". Alongside this standout pigeon, their performance with numerous other Eijerkamp progeny has been outstanding. Another standout champion is a grandson of Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi", boasting an impressive record of five 1st prizes to date including 2 times in the tough 2023 season.

Turbo Rossi


"Turbo Rossi" is winner of
1. La Louviere                       4,483 pigeons
1. Gennep 1,953 pigeons
1. Zandvliet 1,832 pigeons
1. Tongeren 1,191 pigeons
1. Tongeren 811 pigeons
"Turbo Rossi" is (grand)father of a.o.
7. Nat. Ace pigeon Short Distance WHZB 2019
8. Nat. Ace Youngsters M D. PIPA 2018 
1. Chimay                               11,156 pigeons
1. Rhisnes 8,079 pigeons
1. Niergnies 6,400 pigeons
1. Fulda 4,925 pigeons
1. Budel 4,373 pigeons
1. Tienen 3,977 pigeons
1. Quievrain 2,053 pigeons
1. Quievrain 1,954 pigeons

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555

DV02114-20-0283: 5-Time 1st prize winner
Another exceptional and remarkable champion in the loft is a grandson of the renowned Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi". This cock, numbered "0283", has achieved an impressive feat by clinching 1st  prize a total of 5 times in the federation. His victories include:

  • July 2, 2023: 1. Neustadt a.d. Aisch (313 km) - 1,962 pigeons
  • July 16, 2023: 1. Neustadt a.d. Aisch (313 km) - 266 pigeons
  • June 17, 2022: 1. Höchstadt a.d. Aisch (311 km) - 709 pigeons
  • May 8, 2021: 1. Hammelburg (239 km) - 3,298 pigeons
  • May 8, 2022: 1. Hammelburg (239 km) - 1,098 pigeons

The cock has secured even more notable prizes, and his exceptional lineage ensures that the apple doesn"t fall far from the tree. His sire is "Renders Man", acquired directly from Ivo Renders loft and originating from the esteemed foundation cock "Willie 660". The dam, NL18-1629278NL18-1629278, is a direct offspring of Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi", paired with "Beauty Inbred 003", a daughter of Thorwald"Thorwald". Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi" himself attained the remarkable feat of achieving 5 first prizes in big competition, becoming a pivotal breeding figure at the Eijerkamp lofts. His descendants have continued his legacy by winning numerous first prizes across three generations.

DV02114-20-81: 7th Interprovincial Ace hen in Westfalen
This exceptional hen, DV02114-20-81, secured the 7th position in the competitive Westfalen Ace pigeon competition in 2023, earning 11 prize cards and accumulating a total of 920.79 points. Her standout achievements during the 2023 season include:

  • 2nd Hemau (411 km) – 813 pigeons
  • 6th Neustadt a.d. Aisch (313 km) – 1,291 pigeons
  • 10th Schweinfurt (261 km) – 4,098 pigeons
  • 23rd Hemau (411 km) – 2,460 pigeons
  • 46th Neustadt a.d. Aisch (313 km) – 1,962 pigeons
  • 69th Falkenberg (506 km) – 2,753 pigeons

In previous seasons, she also achieved notable successes:

  • 4th Lauf an der Pegnitz (349 km) – 5,345 pigeons
  • 9th Hemau (411 km) – 1,625 pigeons
  • 14th Alsfeld (138 km) – 1,482 pigeons
  • 25th Hammelburg (239 km) – 2,224 pigeons
  • 28th Höchstadt a.d. Aisch (311 km) – 2,571 pigeons
  • 86th Hammelburg (239 km) – 6,015 pigeons

This hen, DV 02114-20-81, is a superpigeon of pure Eijerkamp breeding, harnessing the exceptional genes of Heremans-Ceusters. Her sire is NL15-1897822NL15-1897822 "Hyper Euro Vivian", a direct son of Euro"Euro" and Olympic Vivian"Olympic Vivian", paired with another direct Eijerkamp hen, NL19-1412582NL19-1412582. The latter is bred from the combination of Vetblauwe Jackpot"Vetblauwe Jackpot" and "Simone", a direct descendant of another champion Olympic Leo"Olympic Leo". So, in this also the very best of the Heremans-Ceusters lines who just are pigeons who can and who are making the difference in many pigeonlofts globally.

Vetblauwe Jackpot


Super breeder "Vetblauwe Jackpot" is (grand)father
1. Nat. Ace Yearlings De Allerbeste 2019
1. Nat. Ace Long Distance Romania 2017
1. Prov. Morlincourt              23,392 pigeons
1. Prov. Soissons 14,730 pigeons
1. Prov. Duiven 12,877 pigeons
1. Prov. Weert 11.619 pigeons
1. Prov. Morlincourt 8,903 pigeons
1. Niergnies 7,042 pigeons
1. Abda 5,910 pigeons
1. Nat. Dizy le Gros 5,591 pigeons
1. Niergnies 3,284 pigeons
1. Quievrain 2,580 pigeons
1. Chimay 2,545 pigeons
1. Tabor 2,285 pigeons

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555



Super breeding and racing cock won a.o. :

1. European Ace Western Nations Cup Cat A 
1. Nat. Ace Youngbirds De Reisduif 2003
1. Nat. Ace Youngbirds Ave Regina 2003

1. Quievrain against             2,687 pigeons
1. Quievrain against 2,516 pigeons
2. Quievrain against 4,924 pigeons
4. Quievrain against 2,120 pigeons

Descendants won a.o.
1. Olympiad pigeon Young birds Germany 2015
1. Nat. Ace Short distance Cananda 2013

and a long list of other first prizes

Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp
Cortenoeverseweg 82
6971 JK Brummen (NL)
Tel: +31 575 538555