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Sijtse de Jager from Ede winning 1. Soissons against 10,879 pigeons which was bred from 2 direct Eijerkamp pigeon

Sijtse de Jager from Ede winning 1. Soissons against 10,879 pigeons which was bred from 2 direct Eijerkamp pigeon

Above : Sijtse de Jager with his winner "Chaylito" in front of his loft
Sijtse de Jager from Ede, playing in division 8, clinches the victory in the south flying area against 10,879 pigeons on the first Middle-distance race of the 2024 season from Soissons (330 km). The winner is a 2-year-old cock named "Chaylito", NL22-8193424, who secures his second 1. prize with this win, along with several other good results, as this cock has already achieved top 10 rankings 10 times within his club P.V. Ons Genoegen from Ede. This cock was acquired as a young pigeon from fellow club member Wolter Krop, also from Ede, through a voucher purchased by Sijtse, and Wolter Krop bred this winner from 2 direct Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp pigeons. At the provincial level within Division 8, "Chaylito" secures the 8. prize against 22,782 pigeons with his speed of 1,201 m.p.m. The highlights of "Chaylito's" achievements are summarized as follows:

  • 1. Soissons against 10,879 pigeons
  • 1. Bierges against 244 pigeons (2. against 1,265 p)
  • 9. Tienen against 142 pigeons
  • 10. Tienen against 253 pigeons
  • 41. Bierges against 2,177 pigeons
  • 44. Chimay against 4,275 pigeons

As a young pigeon, he won 5 prizes, and as a yearling, he won 8 prize cards including 2 day-long distance flights, and now he has his moment of glory with the 1. prize against 4,885 pigeons.

The father of "Chaylito" is NL20-1250051NL20-1250051, which is an Eijerkamp-van-Loon bred from "Chemelio" X Lieke"Lieke", a proven breeding daughter of the famous "Ché". "Chemilio" is also a proven breeding cock and father and grandfather of several top pigeons and winners in both regular competitions and OLR races. "Chemilio" is a half-brother of top pigeons like Jana"Jana" and Indy"Indy", bred from the same father Emilio"Emilio", who is a direct son of Fabio"Fabio", which has become one of the foundational pigeons within the Eijerkamp-Van Loon line.

The mother of "Chaylito" is NL19-1412529NL19-1412529, bred from a grandson of "Ché" X "Wicked", a direct G. and S. Verkerk pigeon and full sister of "Princess", 1. National ace pigeon One Day Fond EDS.