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Ronald Peters from Loo claims 1. Provincial Duffel victory against 14,038 pigeons infused with 50% Eijerkamp pigeon

Ronald Peters from Loo claims 1. Provincial Duffel victory against 14,038 pigeons infused with 50% Eijerkamp pigeon

Ronald Peters from Loo, a small village east of Arnhem in the municipality of Duiven, clinched the 1. Provincial Duffel (143 km) by a narrow margin against over 14,000 pigeons in Department 8. This victory marks the most significant moment in Ronald’s pigeon racing career, despite his previous successes primarily at the club and federation levels. His yearling widower now responsible for this crowning achievement in the sporting journey of club stalwart Ronald, a member of P.V. De Postduif in Giesbeek. The winner, boasting remarkable bloodlines, is a cross between the finest stock from Nico-Jan Koenders and Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, courtesy of sports friend Piet War from Doesburg. Born in 2023 and banded with an old ring, NL22-8238172, this winner secures its 4. prize card in this season out of the 5 races it competed in, as the birds were kept at home the preceding weekend to optimize their condition for this event. However, the weekend took an unexpected turn as the long-distance race was canceled, and the alternative race was eventually released on Sunday afternoon from a shorter distance in Duffel.

The loft of Ronald Peters
The father, NL21-1680656, is a direct Nico-Jan Koenders cock from NL19-021, which won 1. prize twice in the loft of Nico-Jan: 1. Sens against 253 pigeons (also 4. NPO against 3,873 pigeons) and 1. Tienen against 1,483 pigeons. The mother, who herself won 1. Bierges against 524 pigeons, is a granddaughter of the renowned "Salinero", a key pigeon on Nico-Jan Koenders’ loft when he was still one of the top champions in the regular program before focusing on Marathon races.

Ronald Peters showing his Provincial winner
The mother of the 1. Provincial Duffel is NL21-1678757, acquired by Ronald Peters through Piet War from Doesburg, who bred this hen from 2 direct H. and E.J. Eijerkamp pigeons. The father, NL19-3951045NL19-3951045, son of "Canon Rossi" who is son of Turbo Rossi"Turbo Rossi", winner of 5 times 1. prize and an exceptional breeding cock, paired with "Gucci", a daughter of Euro"Euro" and Olympic Vivian"Olympic Vivian". "Gucci" is also a proven breeding hen.

The mother of NL21-1678757 is NL19-3951044NL19-3951044, a daughter of "Dracula" who achieved 4 times in the TOP 25 NPO/Provincial races on the Eijerkamp lofts.



"Dracula" is winner:
  6. NPO Chateauroux 3.989 pigeons 670 km
  12. NPO Vierzon 3,345 pigeons 618 km
  16. Prov. Chalons              11,958 pigeons 373 km
  21. NPO Fay aux Loges  5,734 pigeons 548 km
  44. NPO Chateaudun 3,263 pigeons 565 km
  61. Prov. Reims 6,950 pigeons 352 km
  92. NPO Nanteuil        7,331 pigeons 408 km
  4. Tienen 1,654 pigeons 166 km
  13. Chimay 5,807 pigeons 262 km
  65. Laon 4,132 pigeons 335 km
  42. Isnes 1,292 pigeons 205 km
Son "New Don Leo"

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