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Direct Eijerkamp hen Juna winning 1. Duffel against 6,141 pigeons for the Homma brothers from Steggerda

Direct Eijerkamp hen Juna winning 1. Duffel against 6,141 pigeons for the Homma brothers from Steggerda

The brothers Ydo and Elco Homma have done it again. Their exceptional two-year-old pigeon, "Juna", NL22-8209291NL22-8209291, has secured her fifth pure first-place victory, this time from Duffel (227 km) in the Frisian Long-Distance Club (Friese Fondclub), competing against 6,141 pigeons with a speed of 1,204 meters per minute. This makes "Juna" a true top pigeon, as there are few pigeons in the Netherlands currently boasting such an impressive record. Four of these victories were achieved in significant competitions, with the fifth in the Homma brothers' own club. The Homma brothers are among the enthusiasts to beat in Division 11 Friesland ‘96.
The close friendship between Arnold Paalman and the Homma brothers, Ydo and Elco, results in a yearly exchange of a few pigeons. Through this exchange, "Juna" found her way to the lofts in Steggerda. She is a cross between the best of Leideman and the top breeding hen "Mother Nienke" from Arnold Paalman. "Mother Nienke" is also the mother of "Nienke", the 3. National Ace Pigeon Yearlings in the De Allerbeste competition in 2021 for the Homma brothers, bred at the breeding lofts in Laren.

Arnold Paalman, Elco Homma, Evert-Jan and Hans Eijerkamp and Ydo Homma at a recent visit in Brummen.
"Juna’s" father, "Charley", is a direct son of "Crack 19", one of the foundation pigeons in the lofts of Andre and Bert Leideman. Her mother, "Mother Nienke", is a cross between the top lines of Stefaan Lambrechts and the best of Ydo and Elco Homma. In 2022, when the Eijerkamp-Paalman combination was formed, all of Arnold's breeding pigeons were transferred to Brummen to be crossbred with the top Eijerkamp lines.

"Juna’s" Impressive Record:
To date, "Juna", NL22-8209291NL22-8209291, has achieved five pure first-prize victories as follows:

  • 1. Duffel against 6,141 pigeons
  • 1. Boxmeer against 2,140 pigeons
  • 1. Heusden-Zolder against 1,161 pigeons
  • 1. Burdinne against 1,144 pigeons
  • 1. Duiven against 770 pigeons

In 2024 alone, she has already secured first prizes in Duffel and Boxmeer, along with notable placements such as

  • 20. Luyksgestel against 2,263 pigeons
  • 92. Duffel against 2,197 pigeons
  • 102. Duffel against 2,649 pigeons
  • 102. Rekkem against 2,416 pigeons
  • 154. Arlon against 2,020 pigeons

"Juna" is undeniably a standout pigeon, demonstrating the exceptional breeding and training prowess of the Homma brothers. Their consistent success highlights their status as elite competitors in the world of pigeon racing.

Friends for already a long time Ydo and Elco Homma with Arnold Paalman