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The Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp Heremans Dynasty

The Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp Heremans Dynasty

Which pigeon fancier hasn’t heard of Leo Heremans (formerly Heremans-Ceusters)? The Heremans name is probably as well known today as the Janssen Brothers from Arendonk were known several decades ago.  
From the very first time that Hans and Evert Jan were put on the trail of the Heremans pigeons by Willem de Bruyn and Ad Schaelaeckens they developed an irrepressible desire to acquire the best of the Heremans pigeons.
Not only because the Leo Heremans pigeons were fantastic racing pigeons but because due to Leo’s expertise he has bred a consistent strain of top quality pigeons. That fact led Hans and Evert Jan to make a considerable investment by purchasing many top Heremans pigeons. 
This investment proved to be a good move, as the Heremans pigeons, for many years, have now produced many top pigeons worldwide.
The first major purchases were made at the total sale in 2007, where almost all the top pigeons were bought, such as:

These purchases bred an uncountable number of top pigeons, which made our faith in the Heremans pigeons even greater.
Due to the friendship between Leo and Hans, Evert Jan was given a youngster out of the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" for his birthday, which was named Kadootje"Kadootje" (present) a super hen which has already produced several top pigeons.
To further strengthen the strain we searched for other top Heremans pigeons as a supplement to our own Heremans. That possibility presented its self at the total sale in 2013 when the Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" was bought for an enormous amount. 
In 2015 at an auction the New Euro"New Euro", the 1st Olympiade pigeon (Budapest) for Germany Cat. G was purchased.
Again in 2016 several super pigeons were moved to the breeding lofts at Greenfield Stud, such as:

It is not for nothing that Leo Heremans has called Greenfield Stud of Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp the best Heremans twin loft.
The basis of the Heremans strain consists of several of the best pigeons ever bred by Leo Heremans, supplemented by many other, out of category Heremans pigeons.
There will be several articles dealing with the Heremans strain of Hans and Evert Jan, they will clearly explain the way Hans and Evert Jan improved the strain.
The Heremans pigeons are selected according to the Eijerkamp Pigeon Quality Criteria (EPQC) and in the modern pigeon sport that they are of an before unknown class can be shown by the many expressions of gratitude we have received.
The search for superior pigeons will never end.

To be continued