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Oscar and Linda De Vries win 6th prize in the Hoosier OLR earning over $22,000 US

Oscar and Linda De Vries win 6th prize in the Hoosier OLR earning over $22,000 US

Oscar and Linda De Vries have been successful on the One Loft Races in Canada and in the United States. They had sent several pigeons to the Hoosier OLR. The final race was flown last October 29, 2017. The final flight took place under perfect conditions covering 563 km. Of the 1,800 pigeons entered there were 989 that made the 2017 Hoosier OLR crowning race.

Eighteen pigeons came together, or as they say in North America, "on the 1st drop". The CRPU17 O&L 2360 entered by Oscar and Linda was the 6th pigeon over the antenna. The prize money for the 1st drop was added together and divided equally among the first 18 pigeons, resulting in a cash prize of $18,277 per pigeon. The CRPU17 O&L 2360 is out of a son of the NL10-1272426NL10-1272426, the "Blauwe Euro", who is a direct son of the Euro"Euro". Its mother is NL15-1364381NL15-1364381 who is a daughter of the Lichte Blauwe"Lichte Blauwe" x "Smashing" a daughter of Thorwald"Thorwald".  

Linda and Oscar’s second pigeon, CRPU17 O&L 2318, placed 28th and won $3,000 US. This pigeon was also the 10th Ace Pigeon in the Hoosier OLR, earning another $1,000 US. The CRPU17 O&L 2318 was bred out of a Janssen x Heremans cock, out of the "Caribbean Bond", Olympic Queen"Olympic Queen" and Anna"Anna" line. Its mother is NL13-1802604NL13-1802604 a direct Eijerkamp pigeon bred out of Dino"Dino" x a Leo Heremans hen.

 The Hoosier OLR will be upgraded in 2018 with a prize pot of more than $1,000,000 US. Mike Ganus is one the ambassadors for this race, who himself, is one of the best OLR competitors in the world. Many of Europe’s top fanciers will also participate in this competition. These pigeons must first go through a quarantine period. Oscar and Linda De Vries, in collaboration with in the Netherlands, have embarked on the provision of a private quarantine service between Europe and Canada to the USA. The pigeons for the Hoosier OLR will be quarantined, first in the Netherlands, by Duivendirect for 30 days and then will go directly into quarantine at the facilities provided by Oscar and Linda De Vries in Canada before they go to Indiana in the USA, to take part in the Hoosier OLR.