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Silver Shadow


"Silver Shadow" is winner of the following prizes:
1. Etampes - 6,337 pigeons
1. Peronne - 2,646 pigeons
1. Etampes - 918 pigeons
2. Sens - 2,305 pigeons
2. Pont St. Maxence - 1,298 pigeons

Descendants to "Silver Shadow" won a.o.
1. Hemau - 52,688 pigeons
1. Maaseik - 39,438 pigeons
1. Rethel - 18,919 pigeons
1. Zutphen - 14,490 pigeons
1. Nat. Bourges - 10,040 pigeons
1. Houdeng - 8,498 pigeons
1. NPO Salbris - 7,180 pigeons


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1. Taree Invitational 5000 twice

Jarvis Nigel won the "Taree Invitational 5000"one loft race for the second time.
In 2009 he won this race with his top hen TINV.08,9315 who is an Eijerkamp-van Loon / Jan Aarden.
The father of this hen is AUST.05.2317 bred out of imported Jan Aarden Eijerkamp pigeons.
The mother is an Eijerkamp-van Loon and was bred out of a granddaughter of the "Blauwe van 84"(out of "De Late van 92" x a daughter of "Goede Vuile Blauwe") and "Inteelt Silver Shadow" (out of the line of the "Bonte van Haaren" x a granddaughter of Silver Shadow"Silver Shadow").
The 100% Eijerkamp descendent earned $12,083 AU for the first place at that time.

Now in 2012 VIP loft again won the highest honour on this classic race.
This time the winner was PRF.11.1050 an Eijerkamp-van Loon cock.
The father of the winner is closely inbred to a son of the Silver Shadow"Silver Shadow".
The mother of the winner was bred out of "German Shadow"(out of Silver Shadow"Silver Shadow" x the "moeder Armstrong") and "Kupfernagel" (out of Armstrong"Armstrong" x "Roma").
The victory on the race from Tweed Heads (distance of 440 km) was won against 500 pigeons.
With this win the cock, which is 75% descended from Silver Shadow"Silver Shadow" and 25% Vandenabeele, won a total of $6,500 AU.