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Simon Wolf wins 3rd in the As Goldenpigeon Race OLR final in Greece

Simon Wolf wins 3rd in the As Goldenpigeon Race OLR final in Greece Descendant Asadi

Saturday, July 28th was the final race of the As Goldenpigeon One Loft Race in Thessaloniki (Greece) where 542 pigeons were basketed in the final. The race had been shortened to 380 km due to weather conditions, but the pigeons could be released in the morning at 6.30 am. A total of 1,739 pigeons were brought into the lofts at the start.
Around quarter to one, 3 pigeons arrive above the lofts of the Brothers Aslanidis where at 12.49 the winner of Fast Pigeons & Ervin Laro (Italy) walked over the Benzing antenna. As 2nd  a pigeon from the combination Steffl (Germany) and the bronze plaque went to Alp Race Team (Switzerland) and that in a time frame of 3 seconds. The 3rd prize was won by the CH18-17702 with father the Eijerkamp pigeon NL16-1254672NL16-1254672 "Asadi Junior" (Stefaan Lambrechts) and mother the DV0516-09-1460 "daughter Super Dohmen 100". The CH18-17702-18-CH is a full sister of 26th  Final Riachos Derby 2017. In addition, Alp Team also wins the 41st and 28th prize in the AS Goldenpigeon race with 2 children from the NL17-1821180NL17-1821180, daughter of Mister Black Sea"Mister Black Sea" , winner of 1st Black Sea OLR.



Super racer "Asadi" won a.o.
2. Moeskroen-Menen 2,467 pigeons
13. Duffel 2,656 pigeons
16. Wolvertem 2,170 pigeons
17. St. Quentin 4,060 pigeons
20. Peronne 2,623 pigeons
24. Lessines 7,384 pigeons

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In the same weekend Alp Race Team also wins the 24th in Final Sofia OLR with a grandson of "Big Spender" from NL15-1364413NL15-1364413.
Alp Race Team is better known to insiders as Simon Wolf from Eschlikon - Switzerland. Simon (36) participates, due to lack of time, because of his own company, only on one loft races. Within 4 years he has become a real specialist. At the basis of the many successes are pigeons from known lofts such as Alfons Klaas, Bruno Bucher, Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, ​​Karl-Heinz Kochen and further known lines of Leo Heremans, Dirk v.d. Bulck and Stefaan Lambrechts.
Some of the most beautiful successes of Simon Wolf in the OLR

The son of Simon Wolf studies the New Edition of Eijerkamp