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Granddaughter Honda wins $13,000 US in San Francisco Bay OLR for PBros.

Granddaughter Honda wins $13,000 US in San Francisco Bay OLR for PBros.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the exceptional genes carried by Honda"Honda" in 2018. Now a granddaughter of Honda"Honda" has won, in the San Francisco Bay Area Tripple Crown, 5th place from 536 km. The 54416 AU 18 ARPU arrived in the first drop and in the end qualified as the 5th place winner of the 148 pigeons entered for this final race.

The pigeon was bred by Florichel Paladiy and together with his brother flew under the name PBros. With this 5th place, flying at a speed of 1135 m.p.m in the final race, he will be the 82nd Ace Pigeon of the 462 pigeons entered in the OLR. After the first drop money was divided, the Paladiy brothers received a sum of US $13,000.

The father, NL17-1819874NL17-1819874 "Lucero" was purchased, by Florichel, online from the Eijerkamp Webshop. He is a direct son of "Jeremy" x Honda"Honda" a Super Eijerkamp-Janssen hen who won  2nd and 4th Provincial Ace Pigeon Allround in Sect 8. After a brilliant career, she was moved to the breeding loft, where she passed on her fantastic genetics with great success. Amongst others, Honda"Honda", is mother of the 2018 sensation NL18-1627863NL18-1627863 "Luka Modrić", who was crowned first National Ace Pigeon young birds in 4 competitions.