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Alp Race Team - Simon Wolf (Swiss) 1st World Champion FCI with Eijerkamp offspring

Alp Race Team - Simon Wolf (Swiss) 1st World Champion FCI with Eijerkamp offspring

Alp Race Team is proclaimed 2019 World Champion FCI with the 2 best results of the 31 races which calculate for the FCI Championship. Thanks to two super results on the OLR races in Derby Costa del Sol (Spain) and Talent Quattro (Czech Republic). Simon Wolf, who race his pigeons in the name of Alp Race Team, became 1st World Champion with a coefficient of 0.011 in this official World championship organized by the FCI.

Derby Costa del Sol
The FCI race was the Semi-Final race in the Derby Costa del Sol –-303 Km and in this Alp Race Team were placed 2nd with their CH19-7634 against 882 pigeons. The father to this pigeon is the CH16-3707 bred from son 1st Nat. Gien - 16,908 pigeon at Derycke-Schieman, paired with "Olympia 1606" who represented Switzerland at the Olympiade in Nitra 2013 and Hungary 2015. Mother to the 2nd prize winner is NL17-1820650NL17-1820650, direct daughter to Giant Ché"Giant Ché" paired to "Mirna", a super breeding hen who is daughter to Claudio Ché"Claudio Ché".

Talent Quattro OLR
The final race in the Talent Quattro OLR was held in the middle of September at a distance of 419 km in which ALP Race Team won 2nd place with the CH19-7898 which is bred from 2 direct Eijerkamp pigeons and both pure Stefaan Lambrechts. Father is NL16-1254111NL16-1254111 bred from Vale Jackpot"Vale Jackpot" x Porsche"Porsche", both proven racing and breeding pigeons. Mother is the NL 15-136264315-1362643 bred from "Bonte Esther", full brother Esther"Esther" as well as half-brother "Lyncia", paired to "Nariko", who is direct daughter "Blauwe Gert" x "Van Loock duivin".
Simon Wolf also became 4th World Champion in the FCI ranking over 4 races out of the 31 OLR races which are held all over the globe. Simon started a few years with racing pigeons and he only participating in the OLR races due to lack of time because of his business.
Simon has already won many top prizes but this certainly is the biggest and nicest achievement ever in his young career.
1st Ace pigeon Youth As Golden Pigeon Race
The NL16-1254111NL16-1254111 out of Vale Jackpot"Vale Jackpot" also is grandfather to 1st Ace pigeon Youth in the As Golden Pigeon Race OLR in Greece 2019 on behalf of Sebastian Bialas. The DV04542-19-618 won 24th prize in the Final Race (410 km) and was bred from "Ethen", the son Vale Jackpot"Vale Jackpot", when he was paired to NL15-1364149NL15-1364149, a granddaughter to Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade", Rossi"Rossi", Kadootje"Kadootje" and Karen"Karen".