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Oscar & Linda DeVries have 1st Ace pigeon Pattaya OLR 2021 with pure Eijerkamp

Oscar & Linda DeVries have 1st Ace pigeon Pattaya OLR 2021 with pure Eijerkamp

One of the most popular International One Loft Races is held in Pattaya, Pattaya International Pigeon Race – PIPR, since 2016 and in these few years the race became very attractive to participate for fanciers for all fanciers worldwide as the organization for the race is trustful, loyal and willing to improve to become and stay the best in the world.
The 2020 edition started with 7,402 pigeons out of 39 different countries and the final race was held in the 2nd weekend of January in which 3,653 were basketed to cover the race from Sirindhorn to Pattaya (530 km). The winner of this prestigious race was Team Brockamp from Germany and their pigeon just beat pigeons from Spain and USA who became 2nd and 3rd winning US $ 160,000 – US $ 80,000 and US $ 40,000.
1st and 12th Acepigeon in PIPR are 2 nestmates
The 1st Ace pigeon was CU 20 O&L 3771, a blue cock, bred by Oscar and Linda de Vries from Winchester (On) in Canada. A tremendous result for Oscar and Linda who now were 3 years in a row very successful in the PIPR OLR. Oscar and Linda als0 bred the 12th Ace pigeon in this PIPR edition which was the nestmate to the 3771!!!!!!!
The 3771 and 3772 were bred out of CU11 O&L 11763, which is proven breeder from the Eijerkamp-Janssen family as his father Gideon"Gideon", an inbred to the legendary "Famous 05", while mother is NL06-1763897NL06-1763897 "Nikita", granddaughter to Silvester"Silvester" and La Prima Vera"La Prima Vera". So, all the main base Janssen pigeons in which Hans Eijerkamp started his way up starting 1964 to be found in the father for these ace pigeons.
Mother: CU15-O&L 1876, bred from 2 original Eijerkamp pigeons as father is "Cracker" NL14-1605301NL14-1605301, a grandson Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" bred from "Herout" x "Gucchi". Mother is NL13-1804258NL13-1804258 "Teresa", a pure van Loon and granddaughter of the Chicago"Chicago". This 1876 is in meantime proven breeding hen as she also Is mother 1. Semi Provincial Cochrane (620 km).
Oscar and Linda won 33rd, 87th and 108th in the final for which 33 and 108 were nestmates while 87 prize winner is direct child for "Cracker" NL14-1605301NL14-1605301 as well.
Remarkable also is that Nikita"Nikita" is also grandmother of the 5th Ace pigeon in the PIPR OLR in the 2019 edition for Oscar and Linda Devries.