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Team German & Zeus – Las Palmas (Spain); 1st Ace Pigeon Derby Carmelo OLR with 75% Eijerkamp blood

Team German & Zeus – Las Palmas (Spain); 1st Ace Pigeon Derby Carmelo OLR with 75% Eijerkamp blood

Team German Ibiza & Zeus from Las Palmas participated in Spain in the Derby Carmelo Yupi with 9 pigeons including the ES 20-240722 bred by Yahvé Rodriquez. This blue cock became at the end of the Derby 1st Ace pigeon Derby Carmelo Yupi OLR, which is a tough One Loft Race to be held in Andalucia. Besides this highlight they perform in general excellent in this tough OLR race in the north of Spain with a lot of top lines from Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp from the superb Heremans-Ceusters and Van Loon lines.

ES20-240722, 1st Ace pigeon Derby Carmelo Yupi OLR
This blue cock won 10th Final (500 km) against 482 pigeons and was proclaimed 1st Ace pigeons after 7 races. This Derby started their competition with 775 pigeons and
The father is ES16-244703, who is a mix from the best lines of Andre Roodhooft crossed to the 75% Eijerkamp-Janssen (lines Gouden Smeulders"Gouden Smeulders") and 25% Van Loon lines (lines Chicago"Chicago").
Mother is ES16-244736, which is 100% Eijerkamp hen for which the mother is NL13-1804260NL13-1804260 "Lolita", a 100% Heremans-Ceusters and granddaughter to the legendary couple Rossi"Rossi" x Spinneke"Spinneke". Father to the ES16-736 is a son of NL08-1100557NL08-1100557 "Canary Shadow", another super producer in the loft of Yahvé Rodriquez.

ES20-240723 4th Ace pigeon
This chequer hen won 43rd Final (500 km) against 482 pigeons and became 4th Ace pigeon after 7 races. She is bred out of a pure Van Loon, NL18-1818209, lines "Grote Blauwe" paired to FCC14-516420 "Legend F1", who is full sister to 7th Final Derby Corona OLR.
The "Legend F1" is bred out 2 direct Eijerkamp pigeons and who are both pure Heremans-Ceuster,s. Father is  NL13-1804266NL13-1804266 "Legendario", who is grandson of two legends, Euro"Euro" and Jackpot"Jackpot". Mother to "Legend F1" is again NL13-1804260NL13-1804260 "Lolita" who is granddaughter of another legendary couple Rossi"Rossi" x Spinneke"Spinneke".

FCC20-518410 5th Final and 5th Ace pigeon
This blue hen won 5th final (500 km) and also became 5th Ace pigeon in this Derby. She is pure Van Loon bred out of NL14-1455992, lines "Dourdan doffer" and "Groten Blauwen". The mother is ES16-244890 who is daughter for top breeder NL08-1100557NL08-1100557 "Canary Shadow" who is father and grandfather to many top pigeons for OLR races when paired to NL08-1100471NL08-1100471, granddaughter to the great breeding couple Chicago"Chicago" x Denver"Denver".

FCC20-529326 6th Ace pigeon
This chequer was proclaimed 6th Ace pigeon in the Derby also because of his 35th position in the Final race (500km). He is close related to the 4th and 6th Ace pigeon as his father, ES14-516433, is a full brother of "Legend F1", also bred from NL13-1804266NL13-1804266 "Legendario" x NL13-1804260NL13-1804260 "Lolita". Mother to the 6th Ace pigeon is FCC15-1-87503 who also is bred from NL08-1100557NL08-1100557 "Canary Shadow" x NL08-1100471NL08-1100471, granddaughter of Chicago"Chicago" x Denver"Denver".