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Aramis Alba – Spanaway (U.S.) winning final race and $ 103,000.00 in Apple Cup OLR with 50% Van Loon - Janssen pigeon

Aramis Alba – Spanaway (U.S.) winning final race and $ 103,000.00 in Apple Cup OLR with 50% Van Loon - Janssen pigeon

An emotional Aramis was exited to tell the big news to Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp because his pigeon, AU21-ARAM-0168 "Bochay", was 3rd Overall Champion and 1st prize winner in the 350 miles final race in the Apple Cup OLR against 637 pigeons winning US $ 103,000. –. This winner is a 50% Eijerkamp pigeon as Aramis bought the father, "Julio Che", NL18-1628449NL18-1628449, in the spring of 2020 direct from Eijerkamp. The week before Aramis already was excited as a full brother/sister won the 8. Prize in the Final of the Blue Bucket Stampede OLR (309 miles)
Father is the NL18-1628449NL18-1628449 "Julio Che", a Van Loon/Janssen cock that is grandson to top pigeons as "Ché", Celena"Celena", Emilio"Emilio" as well as super hen Miss Magic"Miss Magic".

So really all top lines for the Van Loon and Janssen to be found in "Julio Che".
Mother to the "Bochay" is NL20-1747361, a pure Van Loon which was bred by Rutten and Son in Groesbeek (NL).

The Apple Cup OLR is a One Loft Race in the state Washington, one of the 50 states in the United States, located on the west coast, and the lofts are located in the high desert region of central Washington. The Apple Cup started the race with 1258 pigeons entered. "Personally, I only bred 1 pigeon that was also entered in the Final race and when I went to see the final race, I saw everything myself. My winner came by himself a good 3 minutes ahead of everyone. He just didn"t clock in right way as he circled first.".
Aramis Alba participated in the name Vanstich with "Bochay" which became 3rd Ace pigeon in the 4 Hot Spot Races beaten by 3 minutes and 18 seconds by the winner. The results for the AU21-ARAM-0168 in the 4 Hot Spot races

  • 100. Hot Spot 1 (115 miles) against 754 pigeons entered
  • 266. Hot Spot 2 (165 miles) against 724 pigeons entered
  • 278. Hot Spot 3 (200 miles) against 695 pigeons entered
  • 1. Final race (350 miles) against 637 pigeons entered

The final race for the Apple Cup took place over a distance of 350 miles and "Bochay" won this final with an average speed of 1369,569 miles per minute winning $ 103,000. – in which he just remained 1 second before the second pigeon.