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Eijerkamp pigeons are gaining momentum in the Africa Pro OLR.

Eijerkamp pigeons are gaining momentum in the Africa Pro OLR.

One Loft races are becoming increasingly popular among pigeon fanciers, and races are being organized all over the world.
The Million Dollar Pigeon Race used to be the leading event for years, and in 2013, a 100% Eijerkamp pigeon NL12-1231153NL12-1231153 "Untamed Desert" won the race.
However, the Million Dollar Pigeon Race has since ceased to exist, and the organizers of the Africa Pro OLR have somewhat taken over, but they have no connection to the former Million Dollar Pigeon Race.
Hans and Evert Jan are also participating in the Africa Pro OLR, and their pigeons are performing better as the races progress.

In Race 6, covering a distance of 240km, there were 1,424 participating pigeons:

NL23-9099777NL23-9099777 became 6th
The parents of this pigeon are NL21-1669815NL21-1669815 "Beauty Uniek" and NL21-1668256NL21-1668256 "Biou".
"Biou" is a daughter of "Rosie", whose offspring have achieved excellent results in One Loft races.

NL23-9099702NL23-9099702 became 20th
The parents of this pigeon are NL18-1628119NL18-1628119 "New Champion" and NL17-1819991NL17-1819991 "Annemie".
"New Champion" is a son of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" and, once again, "Rosie".
Progeny of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" have won various prestigious races, including the ones mentioned.

  • 1. Nat Acepigeon Egypt Federation for Racing Pigeons Long Distance
  • 1. International Acepigeon Pattaya OLR 2021 One Loft race
  • 1. arriving pigeon Derby Arona Hot Spot Race
  • 1. International Acepigeon Dutch Touch One Loft race
  • 1. Semi_National Titan Games UK 2021 Young Birds
  • 2. arriving pigeon As Golden Pigeon Final Race One Loft race

Children and grandchildren of NL-14-160543114-1605431 "Thunder", a son of Nieuwe Olympiade"Nieuwe Olympiade" x "Rosie", have won 12 luxury cars in the prestigious Pioneer Club in Beijing.

NL23-9099775NL23-9099775 became 27th

With this result, we became Fancier of the Race (Two fastest pigeons).

In Race 8, covering a distance of 300km, with 1367 participating pigeons:

We became the winner with NL23-9099753NL23-9099753.
The parents of this pigeon are Bert"Bert" and NL20-1250181NL20-1250181 "Dreamster".
Bert"Bert" is a 100% A&B Leideman pigeon and was moved to the breeding loft after proving to be an excellent racing pigeon.
"Dreamster" is bred from the dream pair Olympic Leo"Olympic Leo" and Beetle"Beetle", both pigeons with outstanding racing performances.

In Race 9, covering a distance of 330km, with 986 participating pigeons:

Once again, NL23-9099753NL23-9099753 was our first pigeon and this time became the 9th arriving pigeon.
NL23-9099712NL23-9099712 became 28th
NL23-9099779NL23-9099779 became 44th

In this race, we ranked as the 5th  Best Fancier of the Race.

In the current standings of the Black Jacket competition (The Champion Fancier is determined by the shortest accumulated flying time for their first two activated pigeons over the season), we are in 8th  place out of the 97 participating teams after Race 9.