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<b>Super result</b> Pattaya OLR: 30. Final against 5,854 pigeons

Super result Pattaya OLR: 30. Final against 5,854 pigeons also 10th Ace Pigeon and 9th small team

Over the past weekend, the final race of the Pattaya One Loft Race, also known as the Pattaya Grand Prix, took place. This race, with a large participation, is one of our favourite One Loft races, and we always have high expectations for the results.
In 2019, we secured the 9th position in the final race covering 530km with NL18-1628327NL18-1628327, a finale closely experienced by Evert Jan.

We participated this year under three names:

  • Eijerkamp-Wolf (with Simon Wolf from Switzerland)
  • Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp
  • Eijerkamp Barsha Team (Ibrahim Aljanahi from Dubai).

This year, Henk Jurriëns, accompanied by Esther, travelled to Thailand to witness the performances of the Eijerkamp pigeons. It turned out to be a good choice as the results were impressive.

The 5,854 pigeons that were still in the race were released at 06:55 for the 530km race, and the first pigeon arrived at 12:40:36.
At 12:41:02, 25 seconds after the winner, NL23-9100682NL23-9100682 from Eijerkamp-Wolf arrived, securing the 30th position.

The arrivals of the Eijerkamp pigeons were as follows:

The first pigeon NL23-9100682NL23-9100682 is from a joint breeding with Simon Wolf. Simon Wolf is a true specialist in One Loft Races, breeding pigeons exclusively for such races and competing worldwide.
The father of the first pigeon is DV-02241-22-233 "Romario Boy" from Simon Wolf.
The mother is NL17-1150623NL17-1150623 "Vetblauwe Joke" a hen from Jan and Joke Kaman, who has produced many superb offspring.

The second pigeon was NL23-9100464NL23-9100464 from the team Hans and Evert Jan Eijerkamp and achieved 72nd place.
The father is NL21-1670135NL21-1670135 "Smokey Jozef", a son of Olympic Jozef"Olympic Jozef" when paired with NL16-1254424NL16-1254424 Erin"Erin", a daughter of Solange Junior"Solange Junior".
The mother is Leona"Leona", a granddaughter of Leontien"Leontien" and "Ché".

The third pigeon was NL23-9100607NL23-9100607, securing the 111th position.
The father of this pigeon is NL20-1249536NL20-1249536 "Pinocchio", a grandson of Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans" and the son of "Sister Jet" from A&B Leideman.
The mother is DV-02241-22-220 "Wolf 220", the mother of the 6th Ace Pigeon in the Derby Zagreb 2023.

The fourth pigeon NL23-9100486NL23-9100486 secured the 10th Ace Pigeon position out of 10,667 pigeons that started.
The father of this pigeon is NL19-1411923NL19-1411923 "Pokemon", a son of Olympic Hans"Olympic Hans" x a daughter of Jackpot"Jackpot".
The mother is NL20-1085816NL20-1085816 "Byou", a 100% A&B Leideman and granddaughter of NL18-1459555NL18-1459555 "Triple 5".

In addition to these awards, Henk also received a trophy for the 9th place among small teams. (See photo below)