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<b>EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE</B> 2nd and 18th on Hotspot 3 (308km) Derby Aal Nagib against 1,467 pigeons

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE 2nd and 18th on Hotspot 3 (308km) Derby Aal Nagib against 1,467 pigeons

Once again, Eijerkamp pigeons have made their mark in a One Loft Race, this time at the Derby Aal Nagib.
Increasingly, we see Eijerkamp pigeons ranking in the top tiers of the results lists. This is no coincidence, as pigeons selected for these One Loft Races more often have parents and grandparents who have performed well themselves or have proven to produce good pigeons for One Loft Races.
Hans and Evert Jan aim to compete in the top ranks of these races and are actively selecting and breeding pigeons for this purpose.
This time, the 2nd and 18th prizes were won at Hotspot 3 over a distance of 308 km against 1,467 pigeons. The first prize was missed by just over 2 seconds.

The first pigeon was NL23-9100956NL23-9100956, bred from NL22-8229583NL22-8229583 "Bonanza" x NL22-8459185NL22-8459185 "Demily".

The father, "Bonanza", is a son of Olympic Jozef"Olympic Jozef", winner of:

  • 1. National Ace bird Long Distance WHZB / BotB 2020
  • 1. National Ace Middle Distance De Allerbeste 2020
  • 2. Olympiad pigeon Cat G Yearlings Romania 2022

The mother, "Demily", is a 100% Willem de Bruijn pigeon.

The second pigeon, placing 18th, just 20 seconds after the winner, was NL23-9101063NL23-9101063.
This pigeon had previously won the 95th place at Hotspot 1 over 200km against 1,643 pigeons.

The father is NL20-1249288NL20-1249288 "Angel Mike" from a joint-breeding with Mike Ganus.
The mother is CRO16-17945 "Olympic Emanuela", winner of:

  • 1. Olympiad Pigeon Croatia Short Distance Cat A 2019

"Olympic Emanuela" had previously proven to be suitable for breeding pigeons for One Loft Races.