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Team English Nights (UK); 2. Ace pigeon Derby Arona OLR 2024 bred out of son Olympic Euro

Team English Nights (UK); 2. Ace pigeon Derby Arona OLR 2024 bred out of son Olympic Euro

One of the growing aspects of pigeon racing are One Loft Races, because these lofts apply the same rules and conditions to all pigeons, without the influence of fancier, wind, or special motivation, as all pigeons are raced from the same loft. It is also almost the only game where fanciers can still win cash prizes because pooling is virtually nonexistent in pigeon racing anymore. In OLR races, we see multiple strong competitors, but not fanciers who dominate to an extreme degree. We often observe certain breeds or descendants of specific pigeons playing a larger and more significant role in these races because some pigeons simply possess that extra breeding quality that ultimately all fanciers are searching for. It really does seem that a son of Olympic Euro"Olympic Euro", NL21-1668583NL21-1668583, is poised to become such a gifted breeder because after breeding the 1. Ace Pigeon in the Great Algarve Derby in 2022, he has now become the father of the 2. Grand Average Ace Pigeon in the 2024 Derby Arona for Team English Nights from England.
Below a short movie Henk made of NL21-1668583NL21-1668583 when he offered this cock to Mark Ward

The NL21-1668583NL21-1668583 is now the sire of GB23-V11767, "Tinkerton", who in the current edition of the Spanish Derby Arona OLR managed to win the following:

  • 2. Grand Average Ace pigeon King of Atlantic Derby Arona 2024
  • 6. Grand Average Ace pigeon King of Sprint Derby Arona 2024
  • 4. final race winner against 322 birds Derby Arona 2024
  • prize Training 8 against 852 pigeons
  • 28. prize winner Hot Spot 2 against 357 pigeons
  • 51. prize winner Gran Canaria Endurance Race against 379 pigeons
  • 69. prize winner Survival Hot Spot race 1 against 672 pigeons
  • 96. prize Training 6 against 1,028 pigeons
  • 101. prize Race 11 against 687 pigeons
  • 101. prize Race 9 against 789 pigeons
  • 251. s-final race winner against 351 pigeons

The father of GB23-V11767 is, as said, the NL21-1668583NL21-1668583, bred from the top breeder Olympic Euro"Olympic Euro" when paired with "Queen Hurricane", who is also a proven breeding hen acquired in an auction from Willem de Bruijn. "Queen Hurricane" is an inbred daughter of Olympic Hurricane"Olympic Hurricane", the Olympiade pigeon and foundational breeder at Willem de Bruijn’s lofts in Reeuwijk.

Olympic Euro"Olympic Euro" is a direct offspring of the legendary Euro"Euro" and Olympic Vivian"Olympic Vivian", who was the Olympiade pigeon at the Eijerkamp lofts. Olympic Euro"Olympic Euro" was immediately sent to the breeding lofts, where he proved invaluable, becoming the grandfather of several ace pigeons and also of 7 major winners, with up to 16,000 pigeons. Just last week, we reported another significant victory with another grandson at the father and son Hein from Kampen. (Check reference here):

The mother of the 2. Grand Average Ace pigeon was bred by Simon Wolf from Switzerland. This hen is a daughter of "Thomas 1" when paired with a daughter of "Little Miss Nikki". Simon Wolf is also one of the better OLR players, and we frequently see these lines recurring in his lofts, as well as the line of the renowned Romario"Romario", which is prominently present in his breeding lofts.
D & S Field, winner 2. Final Derby Arona 2024
Another top pigeon in this same Derby Arona is the GB23-A16137 from D & S Field from West Yorkshire, and this pigeon was narrowly defeated in the final race after finishing 4th in the semifinal within 1 second behind the winner. With a bit more luck, she could have won both the semifinal and final. The father is an inbred grandson of the renowned Rossi"Rossi" from NL14-1603530NL14-1603530 "Manchester Rossi" and NL15-1364035NL15-1364035 "Courtney Rossi", both offspring of Rossi"Rossi" and Kim"Kim", representing the very best of the Heremans-Ceusters lines. The mother of GB23-A16137 is a descendant of the very best of Stefaan Lambrechts and Dirk van de Bulck.