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Flash auction with granddaughter Peter x Charlene and Euro


The offer in this week's Flash auction is again super. In this young pigeon the bloodlines of many super pigeons come together.

The father is "Don Juan" which was bred out of "Peter" x "Charlene" a super breeding couple that was bought in 2007 on the total sale of Heremans-Ceusters.

The mother "Milou" was bred from the off limits breeder "Euro" and "Perla Rossi" a daughter of "Nieuwe Rossi" from another super breeding couple that was bought in 2007 "Rossi" x "Spinneke".


Sparkle - 17-1820730 - Hen - Heremans-Ceusters

This racing pigeon for sale was bred from "Don Juan" x "Milou" ...

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Auction start
: 11/12/2017 19:00:00
Auction end
: 11/12/2017 21:10:00

: Auction finished
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