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Flash auction with 100% Stefaan Lambrechts hen


In the flash auction of January 15, a super hen bred from 100% Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons is offered.
Everyone knows that Stefaan Lambrechts pigeons guarantee pure speed and spectacular arrivals.
This pigeon is more than half a year old so it can be used to bred from directly.

The father is "The Power" and bred from the lines where our "Kawasaki", "Steffie" and "Porsche" were bred from. Each  pigeons that have proven that winning prizes is in their blood.
The mother of "The Power" is a 100% Dirk v.d. Bulck pigeon.

The mother is "Bender" bred from the line of "Usain" winner of a.o.

  • 1. NPO Nanteuil against 5.901 pigeons

In the pedigree of "Bender" we see the top breeders "Kleine Dirk", "Blauw Gert", "Van Loock Duivin" and "Goe Vaal" pigeons that contributed to put Stefaan Lambrechts on the map.

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Chanilla - 17-1821303 - Hen - Stefaan Lambrechts

This racing pigeon for sale was bred from "The Power" x "Bender" ...

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Auction start
: 15/01/2018 19:00:00
Auction end
: 15/01/2018 21:20:00

: Auction finished
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