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96-1645534 M
Van Loon
Son Superkweker 30
x Goede Vuile Blauwe
Father of Duffy:
4. NPO Chateauroux
against 2.957p
Brought as egg from
Louis van Loon
90-6237530 M
Superkweker 30
van Loon
Father of 449 and 91
Winner of:
1. Dourdan
1. Toury
2. Dourdan
2. Dourdan
4. Dourdan
Goede Vuile Blauwe
van Loon
Blue Bar
Super breeding hen
She is a daughter of
the foundation cock
81-6427447 M
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Foundation cock
at Louis van Loon
Winner of:
1. Etampes 513p
3. Etampes 375p
4. Corbeil 507p
6. Corbeil 514p
39. Corbeil 2.081p
Father of:
Goede vuile blauwe:
One of the best
breeding hens
His offsprings are
located in over 15
80-6339704 V

Eijerkamp-van Loon

Sister of:
1. Dourdan 1.465p
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