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96-1645557 M
Kras 557
van Loon
Son Blauwe van '84
Father 6.Nat. ACE
Young WHZB
Grandfather of:
2. NPO Peronne
against 9.255p
1.Breuil 4.305p
1.Boxtel 1.974p
Brought as egg from
Louis van Loon
Blauwe van 84
van Loon
Blue Bar
This cracker won at
the loft from Louis
van Loon Poppel
6 x 1. prize
1. Etampes 2.415p
1. Etampes(o) 458p
1. Melun 513p
1. Corbeil 551p
1. Etampes 533p
1. Etampes 379p
Foundaction cock at
the loft Luis van
Loon, Poppel
van Loon
From the good lines
from Louis van Loon
76-6605277 M
Van Loon 277
van Loon

Van Loon 448
van Loon

Mother of
Beste Jaarling
86-6260134 M
De 134
van Loon

87-6090487 V
Van Loon 487
van Loon

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