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Eijerkamp - Janssen
Blue Bar
Hester won:
2.Nat. ACE L.D. WHZB in 2007
2.NPO Freiburg 2007 9.146p
3.Peronne 3.465p
6.Arras 9.641p
6.Chantilly 2.558p
7.NPO Orleans Noord 5.165p
8.Chantilly 3.834p
8.Lommel 7.728p
8.Duffel 6.451p
10.NPO Orleans 4.250p
Blue Bar
Grandson of Flits
He won 34 prizes
Father of Hester:
2.ACE L.D. WHZB and
3.ACE M.D. WENCup'07
Alwin Petrie
Diva Bond
Blue White Flight
Mother of Hester:
2.Nat. ACE L.D.
WHZB in 2007
2. NPO Freiburg 2007
against 9.146p
3. Peronne 3.465p
6. Arras 9.641p
6. Chantilly 2.558p
7. NPO Orleans Noord
against 5.165p
8. Chantilly 3.834p
8. Lommel 7.728p
8. Duffel 6.451p
10. NPO Orleans
against 4.250p
Zoon James Bond IV
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Son of James Bond IV
x Olympic Girl
A granddaughter of
James Bond IV won:
1. PS.Maxence 6.475p
1. Orleans 3.378p
Olympic Girl is a
full sister of the
Wonderboys 05/06
Dochter Flits
Eijerkamp - Janssen

Daughter of Flits
2 grandchildren won
in 1999:
4. Reims 672p
11. Charlevile 889p
46. Bilzen 1.386p
39. Rethel 841p
49. Rethel 841p
58. Charlevile 889p
77. Transinne 1.059p
in 2000:
1. Bilzen 1.183p
6. Charlevile 519p
10. Huy 1.036p
14. Bree 996p
Vader Mister Bond
de Klak
Grandson Terminator
Winner 5 x 1. prize
and half brother of
Father Mister Bond:
1.Nat. Bourges 2001
against 10.221p
1. Chantilly 4.621p
1. Duffel 1.964p
2. La Ferte 2.865p
3. Houdeng 11.404p
5. Creil 3.189p
7. Orleans 4.932p
8. Chantilly 2.833p
11. St Ghisl 6.766p
13. Chanteaur 1.657p
Dochter Porsche Bond
Blue White Flight
Daughter of
Porsche Bond
Mother Mister Bond:
1.Nat. NPO Bourges
against 10.221p
with total of
3 x 1. prize in
big competition
Porsche Bond is also
grandfather of
1.Nat.Troyes 10.281p
James Bond IV
Blue Bar
Son of James Bond x
Blauw Kweekwonder'77
He is a full brother
of James Bond Junior
the best breeder at Germany
Offsprings from
Junior won more than
15 1st prizes
Olympic Girl
= Olympic Girl
een volle zus van de
Wonderboy 05 en 06
winnaars van o.a.
1e Hannut 11294 d
1e PS.Maxence 7428 d
1e Jemeppe 3822 d
1e Houdeng 3844 d
1e PS.Maxence 3658 d
Een kleindochter
wint in 1999 o.a.
2e Differdange 1375
Flits 85
Winner 7 x 1st Prize
Total 51 Prizes
1.St.Ghislain 3.824p
1.Houdeng 2.221p
1.S.Ghislain 1.938p
2.Houdeng 3.288p
2.St.Ghislain 1.757p
3.Roye 1.707p
3.PS.Maxence 1.836p
4.St.Quentin 2.455p
5.St.Quentin 3.589p
5.Roye 3.493p
5.St.Ghislain 1.303p
Grandson of the
famous 05
kld james bond-83
Blue Bar
kld james bond-83
Dochter van James
Bond IV, (volle
broer van James
Bond junior)
Zoon Terminator
de Klak

Dochter 010 Klak
de Klak

Porsche Bond
Blue Bar
1.Prov. ACE 1996
Sect. Rijn IJssel
(1300 members)
Won 2 x 1. prize
Grandfather of:
- Catharina Amalia
1.Nat. Troyes
- Miss Antonia
1.Nat. NPO Bourges
- Mister Bond
1.Nat. Bourges
Goede kweekduivin
Blue Bar
Granddaughter of
Witpen 05