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Mooie Blauwe
Van Loon × Janssen-Arendonk
Blue Bar
Granddaughter of Silvester
Mother of: 6.Sun City Million
Dollar Race 2010 3.155p
24.NPO Ablis 5.307p
Halfsister of Kasper:
2.ACE L.D.Sect.8 '04
4.Peronne 9.833p
6.Peronne 4.792p
6.Bourges 2.042p
Jean Claude
Eijerkamp - Janssen × van Loon
Grandson of
La Prima Vera
Grandfather of:
1.Strepy Th. 1.850p
Father of:
6.Prov.Champion 2005
4. Strombeek 7.692p
14. Ghislain 4.439p
23. Tes'derlo 1.713p
27. Tess'loo 8.123p
27. Maaseik 2.982p
27. Harchies 1.432p
28. Peronne 1.349p
32. Haasrode 1.749p
55. Harchies 3.769p
56. Arras 9.641p
73. Heverlee 3.378p
83. Houdeng 2.907p
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Blue Bar
Daughter Silvester
Mother of Kasper:
2. ACE L.D. Sect. 8
GOU 2004
4.Peronne 9.833p
6.Peronne 4.792p
6.Bourges 2.042p
Mother of:
8.Chantilly 3.314p
18.LFBernard 2.599p
25.Orleans 4.048p
27.NPO Chantilly
against 8.232p
Grandchildren won:
9.Heverlee 2.518p
Charles Bronson
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Grandson of Rominger
Father Eto'o:
1. Boxtel 1.688p
5. Houdeng 11.942p
5. Boxtel 11.821p
Father Jean Claude
Top breeder and
father of:
6.Prov. Champion '05
Prima Nina
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Blue Bar
Daughter of
La Prima Vera
Children won:
12.Peronne 1.349p
26.Boxtel 12.357p
37.Tess'loo 8.123p
61.Niergnies 8.614p
61.Hensies 8.510p
72.Peronne 5.535p
Blue Bar
1.Nat. ACE S.D.
WHZB Nederland 1997
9.Nat. Orleans
against 19.909p
1.Minderhout 1.546p
1.St.Ghislain 4.593p
3.Houdeng 7.607p
5.Duffel 2.481p
5.St Ghislain 3.157p
7.Heverlee 2.346p
7.Cambrai 1.632p
9.Pt St Max 1.145p
14.Duffel 2.747p
16.Roye 10.042p
20.Roye 1.233p
Witpen Goldfinger
de Klak
Cheque White Flight
Daughter Goldfinger
children won:
1. Orleans 10.940p
1. Konz 4.173p
Best young pigeon
Germany in 1996
Goldfinger was best
young pigeon WHZB
Silver Surfer
van Loon
Borther of
Silver Shadow
Inbred with super
breeding pair
Louis x Suzanne
This 109 won:
1. Strombeek 183p
3. P.S.Maxence 141p
5. Strombeek 227p
Silver Shadow won:
1. Etampes 6.337p
1. Peronne 2.646p
1. Etampes 918p
1e Peronne
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Van Loon from the
Blauwe Thoma line
1. Peronne 171p
2. St.Ghisl. 169p
11. Houdeng 181p
11. Peronne 116p
Lichte 05
Superbreeder and
Father Miss Saigon:
2.Nat. ACE S.D.
Nederland WHZB 2000
2.Minderhout 16.639p
8.St Ghisl 11.275p
11.Minderh. 18.914p
31.Nijvel 13.845p
46.Minderh. 19.238p
55.Duffel 13.910p
90.St Quent 12.072p
Grandfather of top winners
Kain & Abel and
1.Wijchen 2.730p
La Prima Vera
Winner 10 x 1. prize
1.Peronne 8.454p
1.Roye 7.431p
1.St. Waver 6.813p
1.Chantilly 5.991p
1.Peronne 1.742p
2.Cambrai 13.350p
4.Etampes 7.406p
4.Creil 4.583p
5.Creil 1.426p
7.Chantilly 3.228p
8.Etampes 6.005p
8.Peronne 3.450p
9.Etampes 22.132p
10.Peronne 2.934p
10.Bourges 2.126p
63 prizes in 6 years
Blue Bar
Father of Silvester
Silvester was the
best pigeon S.D.
WHZB in 1997
Pierre is a full son
of Wonderboy 05, a
super pigeon in the
Eijerkamp loft
Star Bond
Blue Bar
Mother of Silvester
who won 4 x 1. prize
1. St Ghisl 4.593p
1. Minderhout 1.546p
1. Houdeng 523p
1. St Ghisl 609p
Grandchildren won:
1. Boxtel 4.493p
1. Chiamy 5.870p
1. Mettet 4.074p
Goldfinger van '87
de Klak
=Goldfinger van 1987
Beste jonge asduif
van ons land WHZB. In '87 won hij 9 prijzen ( 2260 prijs km).
Hij won o.a
1e Strombeek 8207 d.
3e Soissons 5349 d.
8e Den Bosch 20380 d
Een jong van Gold-
finger won in '93 9e
Nat Reims 15813 d
Een ander jong won
in '93 9 prijzen o.a
2e Chant. 14404 d
18e Roye 5981 d
58e Orleans 17335 d
Een dochter won in 3
jaar 37 prijzen.
Gunda van 1993
Dochter Rocky '83
Rocky was in 1985
beste Vitesseduif
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