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Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
5.Prov. ACE L.D.2007
4.Lommel 1.993p
12.Orleans 2.512p
17.Vierzon 1.645p
27.Bourges 1.834p
44.Bourges 1.669p
45.Blois 1.722p
57.Strepy 05 8.468p
89.Arras 06 9.641p
98.Boxtel 06 2.436p
2004 - 5 prizes
2005 - 10 prizes
Eijerkamp-van Loon
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Son of Chicago and Denver
Father of:
1.Peronne 9.833p
1.Maaseike 3.163p
1.Le Mans 2.745p
4.Nat. NPO 11.428p
2.Boxtel 2.218p
2.Haasrode 2.143p
Grandchild won:
1. Nat ACE young in Romania
Lara Croft
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Super breeding hen
Offsprings won:
1.Prov. ACE L.D. Sect. 8
2.Nat. ACE L.D. NPO in 2012
7.Nat. ACE L.D. Fondspiegel
1.InterNat. ACE Derby
van Loon
Blue Bar
Grandfather of Ché
Top breeding cock
Father of Goliath:
1.Ghislain 4.362p
Father of Gigi:
1.Houdeng 9.727p
Father of Abel:
3.Nat. Car Winner yearling
Father of Kain:
1.Peronne 5.535p
2.Strepy Th. 8.468p
5.Haasrode 7.848p
Grandfather of 1.Nat
München sector 3
Via Staf Theeuwes
van Loon
Super breeding hen
Mother of Goliath:
1. Ghislain 4.362p
5. Maxence 5.971p
18. Nat.Chateauroux 6.410p
A daughter won in'98
1. Houdeng 9.727p
Grandmother Pride
1. Maxence 7.873p
2. Nat.Bourges 9.106p
1. Houdeng 6.763p
1. Niergnies 2.717p
Eijerkamp-van Loon
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Superbreeder from
Super 040 x son
Den Orleans
He is father of:
4.Heverlee 15.340p
1.Niergnies 239p
7.Tessenderlo 1.016p
12. Houdeng 11.404p
74. Lommel 3.268p
Grandson won:
1.Montrichard 1.473p
5.Montrichard 6.662p
Half brother of top
racers and breeders
like Sampras
(69 prizes)
Agassi (43 prizes)
and father
Brooke, Olympic
Boogerd and Martina
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Granddaughter of
Kras 86
464 is mother of
4. Heverlee 15.340p
464 is grandmother
1.Montrichard 1.473p
5.Montrichard 6.662p
The mother is a
full sister of
Silver Shadow:
1. Etampes 6.337p
1. Peronne 2.646p
1. Etampes 918p
Kras486 10x1. prize
Silver Bullet 4x1.
Silver Mann 2x1.
De Roodoger
van Loon

1. Prov.
La Soutteraine 1990
La Soutteraine
Afterwards sold to
kld 1e Nat.La Soutte
van Loon
Granddaughter 1.Nat.
La Soutteraine I
and 1.Nat.
La Soutteraine II'84
zoon 1e Nat.La Soutt
van Loon

Father won: 1. Nat.
La Soutteraine-I '84
Mother won: 1. Nat.
La Soutteraine-II'84
Zus Chicago
van Loon
Blue Bar
Daughter Roodoger
Roodoger won:
1.Prov. and 7.Nat.
La Soutteraine 1990
Granddaughter from
the breeder whose
son is '84 1.Nat. La
Soutteraine I & II
zoon Den Orleans
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Son Orleans from '81
Full brother of the:
1.Nat. La Souteraine
-I and the mother is
a full sister of:
1.Nat. La Souteraine
-II 1984
Super 040 duif
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
A fenomenal breeder
Her children won:
Agassi 43 prizes
Sampras 69 prizes
Geschlepte 631 2x1.
Zoon Kras 486
van Loon
Son Kras 486
winner of 10x1 prize
durring 3 years
grandson of super
pair Louis x Suzanne
Mother is sister
Blauwe Thoma who won
14 prizes durring
14 flights as
Zus Silver Shadow
van Loon
Sister Silver Shadow
inbred of the super
pair Louis x Suzanne
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