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84-6091954 (M)
Blauwe van 84
van Loon
This cracker won at
the loft from Louis
van Loon Poppel
6 x 1. prize
1. Etampes 2.415p
1. Etampes(o) 458p
1. Melun 513p
1. Corbeil 551p
1. Etampes 533p
1. Etampes 379p
Foundaction cock at
the loft Luis van
76-6605277 (M)
Van Loon 277
van Loon
Van Loon 448
van Loon
Mother of
Beste Jaarling
76-MALIE (M)
[is ouder]

74-BLAUW (V)
[is ouder]

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