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99-6247159 M
Gust Jansen
Full brother Asduif
1. ACE Noyon in
Samenspel Turnhout
1. against 2.042p
3. against 2.961p
3. against 1.861p
9. against 3.406p
10.against 3.630p
15.against 3.383p
Vader Asduif
Gust Jansen
Good breeder and
father of the ACE
Pigeon Noyon in
Hafo Turnhout
95-6302327 V
Beste Kweekduivin
Gust Jansen
Best Breeding Hen
96-6164993 M
Lijn Olieman

Good breeder
91-6143312 V
Lichte As

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