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New Don Leo
Van Loon
Blue Bar
New Don Leo is sire;
1.Laon 4.132p
6.NPO Chateauroux 3.795p
7.NPO Peronne 5.900p
7.NPO Morlincourt 2.409p
12.NPO Vierzon 3.345p
19.NPO Melun 1.488p
32.NPO Morlincourt 2.409p
42.NPO Melun 452km 1.488p
Youngbird National
12.Quievrain 3.406p
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Son of Don Leo
(Grand)father of:
11.Nat. ACE Natoer WHZB in
1.NPO Arras 6.304p
4.Nat. Blois 17.591p
1.Laon 4.132p
1.Komarom 3.535p
1.Tongeren 2.182p
2.Boxtel 5.911p
2.Duffel 5.197p
5.Prov. St. Truiden 21.897p
5.Prov. Soissons 20.906p
3.Hapert 2.910p
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Blue Bar
Daughter of Miss Antonia:
1.Nat.NPO Bourges'04 10.040p
Daughter of Caribbean Bond:
the father of:
Catharina Amalia:
1.Nat.Troyes 10.281p
Grandmother of:
2.Heino 9.234p
3.Heino 9.234p
Don Leo
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue Bar
Super racer/breeder
4.Nat.ACE L.D.NPO'04
4.Nat.NPO Montlucon 11.330p
6.Nat.NPO Souterrai 7.923p
28.Nat.NPO Argenton 8.916p
14.Houdeng 940p
18.Laon 5.743p
Descendants won:
1.NPO Peronne 14.253p
1.Charlevill 19.500p
1.NPO Arras 6.304p
1.Geel 4.998p
1.Peronne 3.989p
1.Komarom 3.535p
1.NPO Morlincourt 3.138p
1.Tongeren 2.182p
1.Zutphen 2.158p
1.Bogra 2.025p
1.Nat.Falaise 2.002p
1.Pommeroeul 1.523p
1.St. Quentin 1.482p
3.NPO Orleans 5.783p
3.NPO Peronne 14.253p
8.Nat. Melun 10.654p
11.Nat. Blois 17.591p
38.Nat. Blois 24.774p
van Loon
Blue Bar
Daughter Chicago
Mother of:
8.Boxtel 15.159p
10.Chantilly 2.352p
14.Troyes 2.278p
15.Harchies 5.807p
27.Nat. Troyes 2004 10.900p
71.Tess'loo 8.123p
Caribbean Bond
Blue Bar
Father of Catharina Amalia:
1.Nat. Troyes 10.281p
Father of Gideon:
7.Nat. ACE Fondspiegel
Caribbean Bond won:
45.Nat. Orleans 21.121p
55.Nat. Orleans 13.409p
12.Duffel 2.653p
13.Orleans 3.400p
15.Orleans 1.144p
21.Arras 1.550p
23.Bourges 1.789p
26.Duffel 7.131p
38.Heverlee 2.260p
Miss Antonia
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Blue Bar
1.NPO Bourges 2004 10.040p
1.Boxtel 2.218p
2.PS Maxence 2.173p
5.Orleans 5.825p
41.Nat. NPO (1+2) 11.725p
11.Hensies 10.973p
15.Orleans 4.048p
67.NPO 1+2 8.440p
19.Ghislain 11.591p
23.Heverlee 2.042p
30.Tess'loo 9.225p
31.Ghislain 7.582p
35.Peronne 9.833p
45.Houdeng 11.797p
45.Orleans 1.718p
Grandmother of:
13. NPO Creil 11.432p
Vader Don Leo
van Loon
Son Blue Acer
Father of Don Leo
This cock won:
33 prizes from
which 15 L.D.
Other son from Blue
Acer was:
3. in Bejing Cuwei
Internat.Public Loft
Pigeon Race (China)
Moeder Don Leo
van Loon
Blue Bar
Mother of Don Leo
4.Nat.ACE L.D.NPO'04
4.Nat.NPO Montlucon
against 11.330p
6.Nat.NPO Souterrain
against 7.923p
28.Nat. NPO Argenton
against 8.916p
14.Houdeng 940p
18.Laon 5.743p
Don Leo won a lot of
Top 10 prizes over
his flight career
van Loon
Blue Bar
Grandfather of Ché
Top breeding cock
Father of Goliath:
1.Ghislain 4.362p
Father of Gigi:
1.Houdeng 9.727p
Father of Abel:
3.Nat. Car Winner yearling
Father of Kain:
1.Peronne 5.535p
2.Strepy Th. 8.468p
5.Haasrode 7.848p
Grandfather of 1.Nat
München sector 3
Via Staf Theeuwes
Blue Bar
Daughter of
Wonderboy 05
Bertine is mother of
2 x 1. prize winners
Brothers and sisters
of this hen are:
Pierre, Vienna,
Viletta, Volker,
Porsche Bond
Blue Bar
1.Prov. ACE 1996
Sect. Rijn IJssel
(1300 members)
Won 2 x 1. prize
Grandfather of:
- Catharina Amalia
1.Nat. Troyes
- Miss Antonia
1.Nat. NPO Bourges
- Mister Bond
1.Nat. Bourges
Star Angel
Blue Bar
Super breeding hen
from Generaal and
daughter Rocky 83
She is (grand)mother
of many crackers
such as: Catharina
Miss Antonia,Amalia
Eijerkamp - Janssen
Blue Bar
Father Miss Antonia
Miss Antonia won:
1. NPO Bourges 2004
against 10.040p
1. Boxtel 2.218p
2. PS Maxence 2.173p
5. Orleans 5.825p
41.Nat. NPO (1+2)
against 11.725p
11. Hensies 10.973p
15. Orleans 4.048p
67. NPO 1+2 8.440p
19. Ghislain 11.591p
23. Heverlee 2.042p
30. Tess'loo 9.225p
31. Ghislain 7.582p
35. Peronne 9.833p
45. Houdeng 11.797p
45. Orleans 1.718p
Silver Rolls
Eijerkamp-van Loon
Blue White Flight
Daughter of Silver Shadow
Super breeding hen Mother
Miss Antonia
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