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Daughter Flits
Daughter Flits
Mother Miss Saigon:
2.Nat. ACE S.D.
Nederland WHZB 2000
Top breeding hen
Flits is a super
cock; 2. ACE S.D.
Olympiade Utrecht'95
Flits 85
Janssen-Arendonk × Van Loon
Winner 7 x 1st Prize
Total 51 Prizes
1.St.Ghislain 3.824p
1.Houdeng 2.221p
1.S.Ghislain 1.938p
2.Houdeng 3.288p
2.St.Ghislain 1.757p
3.Roye 1.707p
3.PS.Maxence 1.836p
4.St.Quentin 2.455p
5.St.Quentin 3.589p
5.Roye 3.493p
5.St.Ghislain 1.303p
Grandson of the
famous 05
Dochter U.K. Bond
Blue Bar
Daughter UK Bond
UK Bond
Super breeding cock
Offspring from this
cock won:
23 x 1. prizes
Son of 342-95 won:
against 4.163p
Grandchild won:
1.NPO Arras 11.529p
Vader Flits - van Loon 641
van Loon
Father Flits
direct from
J. Grootendorst
Flits won:
Olympiade Pigeon in
Utrecht 1995
Winner of 51 prizes
with 7 x 1. prize
1. S.Ghislain 3.824p
1. Houdeng 2.221p
1. S.Ghislain 1.938p
2. Houdeng 3.288p
2. S.Ghislain 1.757p
Goede Blauwe 141
Blue Bar
Mother of Flits and
Schallie Rocky
7 x 1. prize
Super breeding hen
Blauwe 141 duivin
Daughter of the
famous 05 x Bange
780 duivin from 1974
Mother of
Schallie Rocky
who won 5 x 1.prizes
She is granmother of
many other top
U.K. Bond
Blue Bar
Son James Bond
x Annie.
Super breeding cock
Offspring from this
cock won:
23 x 1. prizes
among which:
1.St. Ghislain 4163p
Inteelt 05
Blue Bar
Granddaughter of
Brother Fameuze 05 x
Sister Fameuze 05
Grandchildren won
1. Ghislain 4163p
1. Houdeng 2504p
2. Lommel 2812p
6. Duffel 2747p
Grandmother is
sister of father
from James Bond
de kras 79
Van Loon
= Kras 79 van 1977
winnaar 66 prijzen
waaronder vele kop-
Grootmoeder Flits
Van Loon

Extra kweekduivin
grootmoeder Flits
winnaar van 7 x 1e
en Olympiade Sport-
klasse duif Utrecht
The Famous 05 was
in 1981 the best
M.D. Cock Nederland
He went on 58 races
and won 50 prizes
from which 9x1.Prize
His best scores are:
1. St Ghisl 3187p
1e Pnt
ST Max 1608p
1e Soignies 1577p
He evolved into a
great breeding cock
Bange 780 Duivin
Daughter bange-64
B 64-6639792 X
B 73-6773092
v.d Merckx,
Full sister of 019
De Bange 780 is the
mother of 05 Junior
winner 5 x 1. prize
James Bond
Blue Bar
James Bond was winner
1. Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB
Middle distance in 1984
He won 7 x 1. Prize
His best scores:
1. Soissons 2.208p
1. Tienen 2.484p
1. Soissons 1.789p
1. Baarle Nassau 4.671p
He is a cousin from the 05, 1.
Nat. Ace pigeon WHZB
Middle Distance in 1981
De Annie-80
Mother of James Bond
1.Nat. ACE M.D. WHZB
1.Baarle Nas. 4.671p
1.Tienen 2.484p
1.Soissons 2.208p
1.Soissons 1.789p
Sister of
De Fameuze 05
Offsprings of
De Fameuze 05 won:
1.Hemau 52.688p
1. NPO Argenton
against 8.046p
1.St. Quentin 7.520p
1.Pt.St. Maxence
against 7.257p
1.Roye 6.710p
1. NPO Salbris6.500p
1.Duffel 5.614p
1.Peronne 4.770p
1.Pt.St Maxence
against 4.695p
1. NPO Chateauroux
against 4.096p
Zoon Broer 05

Zoon Broer Fameuze
05 x zus Vader James
Bond. Fameuze 05
won 9 x 1e en James
Bond 7 x 1e.
Dochter Zus 05

Dochter Zus Fameuze
05 x Zoon Oude
Schallie. Lijn Jonge
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