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Moeder Goe Vaal
Stefaan Lambrechts
Grandmother Steffie,
Kawasaki and Porsche
Mother of Goe Vaal:
2.Angerville 1.161p
19.Orleans 7.510p
5.Quiévrain 949p
13.Quiévrain 1.063p
492'12 H.Pauw Utr.
16/1326, 52/3049
43/1313, 85/1802
582'12 Cas Meijers
23/7656, 161/4271
256/5242, 463/6899
Blauwe Gert
Stefaan Lambrechts
Blue Bar
Direct Gert Heylen
Grandfather Olympic Rosita,
1.Olympiade Pigeon Nitra
Cat F 2013
1/1763, 1/1248,
1.Prov. ACE young
4.Nat. ACE young
Father of 480 '09
1. Angerville 955p
1158 mpm and fastest pigeon
Prov. Antwerp 13.188p
Grandfather of Missy
Van Leuven 067

Direct from
Van Leuven Robin
Gert Heylen

7 x 1. prize
ACE Quievrain 2004
Grandfather to the
1. Nat Ace Young
KBDB in 2017
Goed Blauwke

Blue Bar
Laenen Karel
Won 2 x 1 prize
a lot good results
as yearling 1 prize
to 1000 in Waver
rechstr,van Leuven

Direct from
Van Leuven
Robin Ras
bros. Van Den Brande
Dochter Diadora

Van Leuven Robin
(bought on total
auction from
Leo Heremans -
Karel Ceusters)
Zwarte Witpen
Karel Laenen

Super breeder
Each year gave good
Grote Witte
Karel Laenen

Good breeding hen
Broer Vader Euro

Brother of:
142/99 won 5 x 1.
404/00 won 7 x 1.
202/99 won 3 x 1.
231/01 won 1 x 1.
Blue Bar
Diadora is mother of
Flitske and she is
the mother of:
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