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Blue 677
Gebr. A & B Leideman
Full brother Bor
2.Venlo 4.429p
6.Quievrain 10.570p
28.Rethel 9.673p
18.Hannut 5.447p
31.Isnes 8.525p
Full brother 15-119
3/11336 - 4/7115
Full brother 15-066
3/6403 - 6/9897
Gebr. A & B Leideman
Blue Bar
Jet is winner 3x 1st prize
1.Asse Zell 11.343p
1.Gien 7.768p
1.Rethel 4.692p
6.Laon 6.371p
10.Duffel 5.821p

Jet is mother Viton
1.Deurne 4.299p
3.Weert 11.059p
3.Venlo 3.696p
7.Gennep 6.676p
One 0 5
Gebr. A & B Leideman
Blue Bar
One 0 5 is winner
2.Niergnies 9.897p
4.Tessender 10.314p
5.Asse Zellik 2.573p
13.Reims 4.913p

he is father to
1.Hannut 6.447p
1.Chimay 1.464p
1.Chimay 1.006p
Goed Grijs
Gebr. van den Brande
Superbreedster +
winner 7x 1. prize
1.NPO Laon 6.371p
1.Duffel 5.821p
1.Heusden-Z. 2.775p
2.fastest 11.336p
1.Laon 1.052p
1.Wychen 786p
2.fastest 3.617p
1.Heusden-Z. 656p
2.fastest 5.927p
1.Hapert 231p
Raced: Gebr Leideman
Patrick Boeckx
Superbreeder, father
1.S-prov. Ace pigeon Speed in
1.Venlo 4.429p
1.Tongeren 770p
2.Venlo. 4.429p
2.Arlon 763p
3.against 11.336p
4.Tongeren 926p
4.against 7.115p
5.Deurne 4.299p
6.Quievrain 10.570p

W. Roeper
Dark Chequer
Daughter Olympic 16

Olympic 16 is winner of
7. Nat Ace cock Germany 2012
2. Olympiad bird Germany 2013
1. / 3.684 pigeons 226km
1. / 2.808 pigeons 156km
1. / 1.791 pigeons 240km
2. / 4.012 pigeons 326km
2. / 3.756 pigeons 416km
3. / 2.127 pigeons 602km
4. / 5.183 pigeons 416km
W. Roeper
Son 'Olympic 16'
Olympiade bird, Nitra 2013
and winner of 3x 1st prize
1/3684p 226km
1/2808p 156km
1/1791p 240km

Torsten is father to
1.Asse Zell 11.343p
1.Gien 4.911p
1.Rethel 4.692p
6.Laon 6.371p
Silver Dream
W. Stellerman
Mother to:
Floyd, 1/11.474p
Jet 1/11.343p
1/ 7.768p
1/ 4.692p
Ace 820 1/ 5.552p
Grandmother to
Sigrid 1/10.739p
Rachel 1/11.059p
Justify 1/10.570p
Enzo 1/10.314p
Charlene 1/ 3.892p
W. Roeper
Dark Chequer
Father '16'won a.o.
Olympiad bird, Nitra
He won himself
1/ 3684p
1/ 2808p
1/ 1791p

Menthol is facther
One o 5 he won
2/ 9897p
Golden Dream
W. Stellerman
Blue Bar
Mother to:
Crack 19 1.Ace
Tesla 1/11.745p
One O 5 1/ 1.916p
Gebr. van den Brande
Very good racer

Winner of
3. Quievrain 174p
7. Quievrain 1,076p

Father to ao:
'Goed Grijs'
'Iron Lady'
1/373 1/208

'Poot' 1/325
'901' superbreeder
'368' 2/1233

Gebr. van den Brande
Blue Bar
Mother to ao:
"Goed Grijs"