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Golden Dream
W. Stellerman
Blue Bar
Mother to:
Crack 19 1.Ace
Tesla 1/11.745p
One O 5 1/ 1.916p
Blue Dream
A. Wouters
Blue Bar
1. National Ace
Pigeon Sprint KBDB
winner 10x 1st !!!
1.Quiévrain 1.041p
1.Quiévrain 707p
1.Quiévrain 899p
1.Quiévrain 457p
1.Quiévrain 411p
1.Quiévrain 370p
1.Quiévrain 277p
1.Quiévrain 195p
1.Quiévrain 129p
1.Quiévrain 122p
Docher Fieneke 5000
Flor Vervoort
Blue Bar
Fieneke won ao:
Vierzon 1/13700p

A. Wouters
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A. Wouters
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