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H & E.J Eijerkamp
Lonneke is winner of
4.ACE LD Region 2022
18.S-Nat. Vierzon 3.142p
47.Prov. Melun 7.291p
53.NPO Chateaudun 5.171p
54.Prov.Quievrain 13.403p
87.Prov. Chalons 10.901p
112.Prov. Morlincourt 20.278p
113.NPO Vierzon 3.993p
Present Ché
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Present Ché is father
6.Nat Ace pigeon Youngsters
De Fondspiegel 2018
3.Prov. Nanteuil 6.895p
4.Asse Zellik 1.874p
5.Niergnies 2.748p
6.Asse Zellik 1.874p
7.NPO Melun 1.295p
14.NPO Nanteuil 5.215p
45.NPO Troyes 3.836p
52.NPO Peronne 5.900p
9.Quievrain 1.350p
10.Asse Zellik 1.280p
12.Duffel 1.082p
13.Nanteuil 1.827p
14.Quievrain 1.991p
Vetblauwe Joke
J.& J. Kaman
Blue Bar
Vetblauwe Joke is mother to
6.Nat Ace Youngsters
Fondspiegel 2018
12.Nat Ace Long Dist WHZB '20
10.Nat Ace Middle Distance De
Allerbeste 2020
30.Final Pattaya One Loft
Race (PIPR) 2024 530km
against 5.854 pigeons
53.Hot Spot 4 Derby Aal Nagib
350km - 1.331 pigeons 2024
3.NPO Fay aux Loges 9.218p
5.Niergnies 2.748p
7.NPO Melun 1.295p
12.NPO Fay aux Loges 9.218p
14.NPO Nanteuil 5.215p
45.NPO Troyes 3.836p
52.NPO Peronne 5.900p
Golden Ché
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Son of Ché and Tara
and (gr)father to
6.Nat Ace Youngsters
Fondspiegel 2018
1.Marche 2.870p
1.Chomutov 1.821p
3.Prov.Weert 22.069p
3.NPO Nanteuil 6.895p
4.Asse Zelik 1.874p
5.Pommeroeul 1.355p
6.Asse Zelik 1.874p
7.NPO Melun 1.295p
10.NPO Tours 2.924p
5.Niergnies 2.748p
14.NPO Nanteuil 5.215p
45.NPO Troyes 3.836p
52.NPO Peronne 5.900p
3.InterNat. ACE Derby Zagorje
Brother of Carlos and Ramos

J.& J. Kaman
Son of 12-1466107:
1. ACE Rayon Old Pigeons 2014
J.& J. Kaman
Blue Bar
Halfsister of Blue Beauty:
1.NPO Chateaudun 7.377p
1.Chateaudun 9.222p
1.Chateaudun 6.909p
1.ACE Young
Blue Bar
Ché is the winner of
1.NPO Orleans 14.285p
1.Arras 9.641p
7.NPO Noord Orleans 6.122p
9.Nat. NPO Orleans 18.184p
Ché is (grand)father
1.Nat. ACE Long Distance
Fondspiegel in 2013
1.Nat. ACE Allround Romania
1.Ace Pioneer Club 2017
1.Final Mira Derby 2016
1.Final Who Dares Wins '17
1.NPO Peronne 38.775p
1.Nivelles 27.965p
1.NPO Laon 27.258p
1.Weert 20.388p
1.Epernay 13.077p
1.Nat. Bourges 8.579p
1.NPO Tours 6.565p
1.NPO Peronne 5.282p
1.NPO Blois 4.863p
1.Peronne 4.813p
1.NPO Nanteuil 4.457p
1.Strombeek 3.988p
1.Strombeek 3.948p
1.Marche 3.845p
1.NPO Sezanne 3.808p
1.Coober Pedy 3.130p
2.NPO Peronne 19.450p
2.Louviere 18.551p
2.Peronne 18.538p
C. en G. Koopman
Daughter of Kleine Dirk
Tara won:
20.Etampes 8.794p
6.Boxtel 2.347p
51.Houdeng 16.027p
127.Wijchen 13.410p
226.Orleans 10.039p
Nieuwe Olympiade
Leo Heremans
2. Belgian Olympiade Pigeon
Poznan Cat F Youngsters 2011
1. Quievrain 2.460p
2. Quievrain 2.790p
3. Quievrain 2.073p
Nieuwe Olympiade(grand)father
1.Olympic Pigeon Hungary
Cat. A Short Distance 2022
1.Gowran Park 25.621p
1.Open Tullamore 20.315p
1.Prov. Chalons 20.306p
1.Nat. Fontenay 12.727p
1.NPO Tongeren 12.699p
1.Prov. Laon 11.179p
1.Prov. Laon 7.594p
1.Prov. Nanteuil 7.509p
1.Geel 6.739p
1.Quievrain 6.148p
1.Nat. Chalons 6.054p
1.NPO Nanteuil 4.457p
1.Quievrain 3.733p
1.Tongeren 2.572p
1.Quievrain 1.881p
1.Quievrain. 1.216p
1.Nat. Lieberec 2.105p
1.Chateauroux 1.754p
Gm Nieuwe Olympiade
Granddaughter Olympiade 003
Grandmother Nieuwe Olympiade
Olympiade Pigeon Poznan in
1.Angerville 2.032p
1.Melun 2.023p
3.Angerville 1.249p
Halfbroer Gladius
Richard Faber
Halfbrother of Gladius
25.Soissons 931p
38.Orleans 952p
40.Duffel 2.176p
1e Duifkampioen
Richard Faber

1.ACE Rayon Old Pigeons 2014
14.NPO 7.823p
6.Bourges 389p
43.NPO 3.149p
3.Morlincourt 1.426p
4.Vierzon 629p
23.NPO 4.756p
12.Chatearoux 612p
83.NPO Zuid 3.468p
Sister of Tripple One
Inteelt Erik
J.& J. Kaman
Blue Bar
Moeder 1.NPO

Blue Bar
Mother of Blue Beauty:
1.NPO Chateaudun 7.377p
1.Chateaudun 9.222p