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H & E.J Eijerkamp
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H & E.J Eijerkamp
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Son Martin
W.A. de Bruijn
Becky is winner of
1. Sezanne 4195p
4. Niergnies 1101p
24.Nanteuil 9034p
28.Nanteuil 1879p
35.Quievrain 6209p
57.Quievrain 3325p
73.Etrouengt 6652p

Sister to the
1.Nat Ace Young
Allround WHZB 2019
H & E.J Eijerkamp
Martin is winner
1.Asse Zellik 6.244p
6.St.Quentin 3.720p

Martin is father
2.Tienen 3.977p
4.Bierges 4.402p
5.Laon 1.266p
5.Nanteuil 1.709p
5.Peronne 734p
16.Prov. Laon 9.815p
18.Peronne 3.007p
27.Laon 1.034p
36.Tienen 1.654p
42.Chimay 4.330p
66.NPO Troyes 6.440p
Hans Boenders
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W.A. de Bruijn
2. ACE Young NPO
2. ACE Young Pipa
3. ACE Young WHZB
10. Midf. Young PIPA
9. Olympiade Holland
Cat F
3. Fontenay 12.727p
Uranus is father of:
8. ACE Young Vit,
Rayon SS IJssel
1. Melun 1.210p
2. Nat Sector 8.893p
2. Quievrain 3.761p

3. Fontenay 4.369p
6. Quievrain 4.237p
8. Asse Zellik 4.481p
9. Morlincourt 4.042p
17.Ptst Max 2.672p
65.Pointoise 6.878p
W.A. de Bruijn
10. ACE nat WHZB '17
14. ACE M/F Nat. PIPA
20. ACE DF AFD 5 '17
7. ACE General SS
IJssel 2017
2. Pointoise 12.351p
10.Pointoise 13.673p
5. Asse Zellik 5.385p
5. Arras 1.669p
14. Melun And 4.511p
J&M Geven
Pencil White Flight
1. ACE L.D. IJsselstreek
1.Quievrain 1.040p
5.Soissons 2.097p
8.Soissons 1.350p
13.Tongeren 6.418p
34.Meer 5.216p
Father of:
1.Asse Zelik 5.904p
3.NPO Nanteuil 5.215p
3.Laon 4.132p
6.St Quentin 3.720p
7.St Quentin 1.249p
J&M Geven
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Paulien won:
1.Peronne 881p
14.Meer 5.216p
20.Hapert 6.039p
4.Nanteuil 1.094p
17.Morlincourt 4.471p
Mother of:
1.Asse Zelik 6.244p
1.Bierges 6.042p
1.Nanteuil 1.478p
3.NPO Nanteuil 5.215p
3.Laon 4.132p
6.St Quentin 3.720p
7.St Quentin 1.249p
De Grote Kampioen 452
Hans Boenders
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11 x 1st prize
Hans Boenders
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(Grand)mother of:
2. Ace L.D.
1.Duffel 5.928p
1.St. Quentin 3.070p
2.Quivrain 1.040p
3.Peronne 1.134p
4.Soissons 2.097p
6.Quivrain 4.070p
6.Grimberge 1.311p
6.Breuil le 3.802p
Floris Junior
W.A. de Bruijn
Blue Bar
1. Menen 808p
1. Peronne 311p
1. Peronne 310p
( 4-1679)
1. Peronne 313p
1 Peronne 203p
Father of 16/623
2. ACE Young NPO
2. ACE Young PIPA
3. ACE Young WHZB
9. Olympiade holland
cat. F
3. Fontenay 12.727p
8. Asse Zel. 4.481p
6. Qievrain 4.237p
17.PTST Max 2.672p
26. Pontoise 2.490p
Father of: 16/407
6. Peronne 3.141p
6. Asse 4.496p
Father of : 17/398
3. Arras 4.405p
7. ACE General Young
SS Ijssel
Dtr. Olympic Niels
Dirk van Dyck
Mother of
16/623 "Uranus"
2. Ace Young NPO
2. Ace Young PIPA
3. Ace Young WHZB
10. Midf.Young PIPA
7. Olympiade Holland
Cat. F
3.Fontenay 12.727p
8.Asse Zellik 4.481p
6.Quievrain 4.237p
W.A. de Bruijn
Blue Bar
1. Troyes 4.147p
(2-7.467 NPO)
18.Nanteuil 11.867p
8. Duffel 4.239p
73.Nanteuil 5.409p
67.Asse Zellik 4.932p
8. ACE Young SS G IJ
Father of:
16/642 "Gaia"
9. Ace Youngster NPO
16/641 "Anastasia"
10. Ace Nat WHZB '17
14. Ace Jrl Nat PIPA
14. Ace M/F Nat PIPA
1. Oudenaarde 307p
1. PT.ST.Max 210p
1. Pontoise 184p
1. Arras 100p
2. Arras 292p
2. Arras 4.652p
W.A. de Bruijn
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2. Ace Natour 2015
Rosa is mother to:
NL15-081 winner of